Royce Reed Dragged Into Chris Bosh’s Legal Battle With His Baby Mama

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Chris Bosh And Baby Mama Allison Mathis Locked In Legal Drama Over Reality Show Appearance

Chris Bosh and his baby mama’s legal battle over her appearing on “Basketball Wives” is heating up, and NBA star Dwight Howard’s baby mama being dragged into the case & listed as a witness who will testify in court.

Both sides are preparing for an upcoming trial, where Bosh’s baby mama Allison Mathis accused the NBA star of screwing up her “Basketball Wives” deal.

Bosh and his baby mama Allison Mathis have been fighting for years in court over their daughter Trinity. The two finally reached a settlement agreement in the custody/support battle last year. However, the two are still battling each other in a civil lawsuit.

Back in 2011 Bosh sued his baby mama along with “Basketball Wives” production company Shed Media. He claimed that producers and Mathis – who was set to appear on the third season of the show – were going to infringe on his trademark and publicity rights. He demanded the show not be allowed to utter his name and his baby mama not be allowed to film the show.

Mathis was eventually dropped from the show before production started. However, Mathis counter-sued the NBA star, claiming he ruined her deal without cause and accused him of lying to the show producers about her having signed a confidentiality clause.

Bosh’s lawsuit was dismissed by the judge presiding over the case. Mathis’ lawsuit has been pending since 2011 with both parties still battling it out over her claim he made her lose up to $250,000 by interfering with her TV deal.

She demanded a judge order him to pay up the money she lost from the deal. Bosh denied he caused her to lose the Basketball Wives deal and said he was only looking out for his own best interest.

The lawsuit is heading to trial in the near future and both parties are preparing their case for the courtroom.

Then recently, docs were filed in the case by Bosh and Mathis explaining all the details of the upcoming trial.


Included in the docs are Mathis’ witness list including the names of all people she will call to the stand to testify in the case. One of the witnesses is listed as “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed – who is one of Dwight Howard’s baby mamas.

Mathis plans to call Reed to testify and be grilled by both sides about information she knows about Bosh’s baby mama and her planned role on “Basketball Wives.”

However, Bosh has objected to Reed being called in the trial and said her testimony is hearsay and speculative. He said she lacks personal knowledge of the issues at hand.

Bosh included fellow “Basketball Wives” co-star Suzie Ketcham on his witness list and Mathis has objected to her testifying saying it lacks relevancy to the case.

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