Racist Fort Worth Cop Arrests Black Mother Who Called HIM For Help After Neighbor Assaulted Her 7-Year-Old

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Fort Worth Officer Arrests Distraught Black Mother Who Called Him For Help

A Fort Worth mother, disturbed by her neighbor’s actions toward her 7-year-old son, called an officer to help her properly confront the neighbor about his actions.

Instead, she was spoken down to, antagonized, and ultimately arrested herself.

The mother needed assistance as a white man allegedly choked her seven-year-old son after he supposedly littered. The man ordered him to pick up the paper he dropped, and assaulted the little boy when he wouldn’t comply.

The child immediately told his mother what happened, at which point she called the police to confront the man.

The cop’s response?

“Well why didn’t you teach your son not to litter?”

UNBELIEVABLE. The mother naturally got upset with the officer’s line of questioning and expressed as much, at which point the officer escalated the situation and ended up arresting the mother for getting too “Mouthy” with him.

Meanwhile the grown man who chokes first-graders over trash hasn’t been asked a single thing.

The Fort Worth Police Department addressed the issue, since it went viral on social media, and say that the clearly racist officer has been put on “restricted duty” while they continue the investigation into what happened. We guess the video clearly showing what happened isn’t quite clear enough…

We doubt their “findings” will conclude much more than “officers get to do whatever they want.” SMH. At least no one was shot or killed this time…

According to CBS, the executive director of the ACLU of Texas, Terri Burke released the following statement on the matter:

“We regret that the FWPD is giving the officer 48 hours to prepare his report on the incident. That leaves us with only the video on which to rely for information. When the mother of a seven-year-old boy calls the police to report an assault on her son, the responding officer should expect to find her distraught. In this instance, the officer ignored basic community policing standards and his own responsibility to de-escalate the confrontation. This incident and countless others like them demonstrate that for people of color, showing anything less than absolute deference to police officers —regardless of the circumstances — can have unjust and often tragic consequences. This fundamental injustice is also a threat to public safety. If a Black woman in Fort Worth can’t call the cops after her son is allegedly choked by a neighbor without getting arrested, why would she ever call the cops again?”

Ridiculous. SMH.


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