Shyne Po On His Way to Freedom

- By Bossip Staff

Shyne Po is coming home soon…wanksters:

Yesterday the rapper known as Shyne learned around 2:30 p.m. that he will be given the minimum in regards to his parole, according to his attorney, Oscar Michelen.  Through an interview with HipHopDX, Michelen informed all of the conditions and arrangements made as it pertained to his parole release.

“He gave him two-and-a-half [years], which was the minimum. The D.A. had requested the maximum, five years… [Shyne] got a chance to address the court today. He did address the court and asked court…Continue

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  • Mrssexcee1

    my dude shyne coming out! thank goodness


    I can’t wait for Shyne Po to release some heat.
    He needs to hook back up with Swiss beats and make it happen.

  • Nique

    Im happy for him cause they did him extra dirty. He could’ve been something great in the hip hop world-he just didnt know he signed with the devil and paid with his life.Good luck

  • Lisa Vee

    FINALLY…Chi Ali getting out in hopefully bring some REAL rap back.

  • deedy

    damn! he look good. he can come stay with me. lol



  • noirule

    Thank God…PO is coming home. Geez what a decline music has taken since he’s been trapped in the belly (a decade has it been?). Can’t wait to read a Shyne interview. And please u know diddy got $tacks waiting for Po. Didn’t he convert to Judaism or something like that?

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Can’t wait my dude!

  • Golden Goddess

    i heart Shyne

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Orthodox Jew and changed his name to Moses Michael Leviy?

    Is he going to be making music again is all I need to know.

  • SoCultural

    Hopefully he’ll make positive moves cause that’s what hip hop needs right now. Let’s stop promoting being uneducated and thugging.


  • Lovelykoren

    congradulations shyne

  • mydixiewrecked

    sad… i wonder how his pops (PM of Belize) is taking it.

  • Please

    Wonder what Diddy got to say about this. They did Shyne dirty.

  • http://bossip liz

    Shyne happy to read u r finally OUT… please hurry and get back in the studio i know u were writing in jail…. IS HE STILL UNDER BADBOY

  • Illuminate Truth "The Strong Rule the Weak, and the Wise Rule the Strong."

    One of the real ones…..welcome home Po.

    Diddy better have chips in hand…hes indebted for real.

  • bobbi

    don’t know how many actually read the article but Shyne will NOT be making any music when he gets out… sorry……..

  • Blacky

    Happy 6Am is back in the house!!!!

  • trs (Real Deal Holyfield)

    Oh I love me some Shyne! He could so get it. 😀

  • Ummmmmm....

    Do my eyes deceive me or is he looking BETTER than when he went in the pen????

  • D.wood

    Yeah,, My Man,, Going to get back into the Game.. Roc Nation 2.. oh we’ll be right back in the spot light off Top.. both Cd he put out was on point.. Yes Sir,, … The rap Game is going to get real again



    and @6am you are so wrong on many different levels; how you view people from the south. But is cool I still enjoy reading your ignorants


    its cool

  • snoop bloggy blog ( if you knew betta, you'd do betta

    @ 6….you turnt up, “day 26 royalties will pay for extra armed security” lmao!!!

  • perfect asdusk

    @ It’s 6am: I am originally from the northeast now I live in Charlotte; if you could hear some of the stuff they play down here you would throw up in your own mouth. Some of these folks down here don’t even know they are free. Wack,Bama and ignorant describes it all.

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