Quote of the Day: New York and Her DSLs

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Posted by Bossip Staff

I Love New York’s, Tiffany Pollard, answers many random, yet interesting questions in a recent interview with Blender Magazine. This one stood out the most:

What was your nickname in high school?

Can I say? Oh, God. It was D-Breath. D-I-C-K Breath. But it wasn’t true!

What wasn’t true? That you had breath that smelled like d*ck?

Right, not at all! You know what it is? My lips are so huge, so people say I go those DSLs, so they called me D-Breath.

FYI: DSLs= D*ck Sucking Lips

That b*tch is crazy! Definitely one of the funniest Q&A’s I’ve read in a minute. For more of her random and ridiculous Q&A click here.

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