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Delta Airlines Changes In-Flight Doctor Policy

After Dr. Tamika Cross was humiliated by Delta flight attendants who refused to believe she was a medical doctor, the airline has updated one of their policies.

Reps for Delta now say that flight attendants won’t be required to check medical credentials if a passenger is in duress.

Via USA Today:

The company said in a statement this week that effective Dec. 1, Delta flight attendants are no longer required to verify medical credentials.

Medical professionals will now be allowed to help based on his or her statement that the individual is indeed a physician, physician assistant, nurse, paramedic or EMT.

The company also announced the launch of inclusion training for Delta employees, which will be rolled out to its “frontline employees, with some of the flight attendant groups being the first to participate.”

“As part of the review, Delta found that there is no legal or regulatory requirement upon the airline to view medical professional credentials,” the company said Monday. “And, as it becomes more and more common for medical licenses to be verified online, physicians and nurses often do not carry a license with them and some states no longer issue wallet versions.”

Allison Ausband, senior vice president of Delta Airlines In-Flight Service, said the flight attendants were following standard procedure on Cross’ flight but “the feedback Dr. Cross provided gave us a chance to make flying better.”

Isn’t it convenient that Delta’s announcing this RIGHT after that racist Donald Trump passenger and the alleged Islamaphobia incident went viral???


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