Will and Jada Fire Their School’s President Over Scientology Disbelief

- By Bossip Staff

Will and Jada recently fired the principal of their New Village Leadership Academy because of disagreements in the curriculum.

Bossip has learned that the former principal of the school wasn’t supportive with a class called Study Tech which was created by Scientology founder Ron L. Hubbard.  Now although it’s been said that the school isn’t in line with a specific religion, it’s suspect how the former principal Jacqueline Olivier was dismissed by Jada via phone after voicing her opinion about the Study Tech curriculum.

The Smiths have yet to release a statement.  From what we know, the school focuses on better living for students and includes  serving organic low-fat breakfast and lunches with no fried foods or refined sugar, as well as, exposing students to one hour of physical activity each day, along with classes in Living Skills, Karate, Robotics. Etiquette, Technology and Arts.

We sure as hell wouldn’t put our child in the midst of all that sh*t no matter how low-fat or organic the food might appear to be. We’d rather just take a family trip to Whole Foods.

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  • DCC

    BTW, I love the Smith fam


    SMDH. These fools are really caught up in this BS.

  • Sepia830

    Jada is starting to look more manly than Will. IMO Jada used to be beautiful but now she looks like a tranny. Will is getting better-looking with age though.

  • peaches

    I think will and jada has losted it and now I fear on how they are raising their children. I always thought jada was a bit weird and will was a bit silly, but now I think they have gone too far. Besides who in the hell are letting their children attend this school. this is weird, weird, weird.

  • Lady J

    There a lots of cults that have the “Scientology” belief system of there being No God, the “God is in us”, & alien beings visiting earth….That’s just some messed up sh*t… The fact that Will & Jada are so “accepted” in Hollyweird makes one wonder…Who did they sell themselves & their souls to??????

  • http://www.shekeyultd.com SoCultural

    Doesn’t everyone mostly believe in something. I say kudos to them. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for everything.

    Black People Stand Up

  • Lickety Split

    Robotics, SMH. I, Robot done went to poor Willy’s head. Snap out of it!

  • T-Bird

    Dang…what ever happened to just “reading, writing and arithmetic”?

  • Lady J

    @ So cultural…Doesn’t everyone mostly believe in something. I say kudos to them. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for everything.

    I don’t agree with that…many people are “standing” for some Bogus sh*t!! If Jada & Will progressed in Hollyweird by selling out to their beliefs then no, I’m not impressed… No one wants blood money…. (at least not me) I see them rubbing elbows with tom cruise who is a known unbeliever of God & a faithful Scientologist. “What would it profit a man to gain the world and lose your soul?”

  • Lady J

    @ brnhornet….This school os not about religion or teaching kids that god don’t exist.
    I have read up on it… and the Smiths’ are “associated” with the Scientologist…they haven’t openly admit it to avoid controversy…

  • brnhornet


    The definition of a cult is as follows: ” A particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rights and ceremonies.”

    As a child your religion is based on whatever your parents beleive and they teach you that their way is the right way. Why is it that when somebody beleives differently than you (and we still don’t know what the Smiths beleive) then people call it a cult. Guess what….. you’re in a cult too.

  • Lady J

    @brnhornet…I agree with that statement by definition of what the dictionary tells you….but face it; in terms of worship….I don’t worship any aliens, the moon, the stars, cows, wind or rain, the ankh, or other symbols…I worship Jesus Christ….so say what you want, but I’m not into rituals/ceremonies…(including any that may even be at my church!!)

  • KocaKola

    @ Brn

    Science, Mathematics, astrology, and witcraft were taught to humanity long ago by the fallen angels who came to to earth lusting after the daughters of man. Scientology is a religion from ancient Babylon. So it is safe to say this is a satanic religion that denies God as the higher power. And like Satan did Eve, it teaches that man is divine and it is up to them to reach their “Godly” potential. If it walks like the devil talks like the devil it is the devil.

    Jesus is the only way.

  • Lady J

    People innately are very ritualistic…it’s something that churches unknowingly do most of the time, and the members aren,t unaware of it… But, God is calling for a church (which will include people in ALL religions/churches), and I don’t want to be one of ones that believe in aliens, cows, symbols etc….

  • KocaKola


  • KocaKola

    Scientology sets humanity up for the great deception and Satans last chance to place himself over God. Satan and others will come as “Aliens” and say they are our creators. Scientologists will easily be fooled because they are conditioned to believe in aliens rather than God. This is how God is going to separate the sheep from the wolves. Those who never loved him will be decieved and worship these “Aliens” as Gods. Do not be fooled we are in the last days.

  • Lady J

    @KocaKola….absolutely agree…do you know about the cult called the illuninati??? “New World Order” very intersting stuff; I’ve been reading a lot about this subject…and sad to say I believe that this is true…

  • wfm

    workin at whole foods now thanks for the promotions. Thats where a good family spends its time buying good alternatives to bad food

  • John Hope Franklin (cash for clunkers is like killing pitbulls)

    y’all droppin’ knowledge huh?

  • KocaKola

    @ Lady J

    Yep Ive researched all of that! And it is very scary and true. Next time your on youtube look up project blue beam. Satans final attack will be an “alien” invasion to discredit the coming rapture. Its so sad how most don’t know or care to know the truth and by the time they do care it will be too late.

  • brnhornet

    @ Lady J & KocaKola

    I am simply trying to make the point that no matter what you believe it is a cult. Now you may believe that Scientology is wrong just as you may feel that catholicism is wrong or Islam is wrong etc..etc. It’s all a matter of perspective. I myself don’t have a religion but I am a christian. Any time you make the sign of the cross it’s a ritual. Any time you fall down on your knees to pray it’s a ritual. Any time you go to confession, speak in tongues, catch the holy ghost, pray for someone, wash your hands and feet before stepping on holy ground, or for some people play with snakes it’s a ritual.
    It’s the way you outwardly express your relationship with god and your religion whatever it is tells you which gesture to do. You wouldn’t find a catholic kneeling to the east daily because that doesn’t fit with their religion and beliefs.

  • Lady J

    @KocaKola…I will check that out. you can should youtube 911 loose change….talks about the events of 911 and whose is REALLY responsible for it…

    @brn…You are talking about having “no religion” but believing in the “power” while denouncing Jesus Christ…Be very careful; it’s people like you that will fall into the hands of Satan’s web…Some of the things you mentioned ie. speak in tongues, Holy ghost MINUS the snakes are ways in communicating with the Father which is in Heaven

  • KocaKola

    @ brn

    God is not a religion neither a cult! And you should not call yourself a christian because if you truley were you would already know Scientology is the fruit of the devil. Islam,and Catholics pray to the same God (the God of Abraham). They only differ in their interpretations of scripture whereas Scientology denies God all together which is the call sign of the devil. Scientology has no relationship with God but rather relate to the stars and aliens. Simply believing in God does not make you a christian. Even the Devil knows God exists. The ability to decipher good and evil qualifies someone as a true christian and proves Gods spirit is in them. I will pray for you you are decieved.

  • Lady J

    @KocaKola…John Maxwell is the one of the people teaching about the Stars, Planets, Aliens…”the Light”…he even teaches the the Devil/Lucipher is only a planet called Venus and that their are life on other planets…it’s crazy how the antichrist is coming into the land…

  • KocaKola

    @ Lady J

    Yep 911 was an inside job to bring “order out of chaos”. If you want to drastically implement changes to a nation you must Create a problem and give a solution. 911 was the first step in the plan for the NWO. Have you researched the “red” and “blue” lists. Anyone who believes in Christs second coming will be “red” listed and killed.

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