Ohio man Troy Brown leaves Trump-supporting motorist stuck in the snow

#CallYoPresident: Ohio Man Pelted With Racist Insults Because He Refused To Help Snow-Stranded Trump Supporter

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Ohio Man Faces Racist Attacks For Leaving Trump Supporter Stranded In The Snow

What would you do if you saw a Donald Trump supporter stranded on a snow-covered embankment? Well, if you’re Troy Brown, you press the pedal to the floor and keep-it-the-f**k-moving.

The Ohio resident shared his decision not to lean aid to his fellow man on Facebook and boy, oh boy, are white people angry about it according to the KansasCityStar and RawStory

“Wow, pretty low move, and to brag? Lol. I’m sorry your morals are so misguided,” complained one commenter.

“Piece of black s#it,” another called him.

“And that’s what’s wrong with people nowadays. I was raised to help everyone in need no matter what but what do I know. I’m just a gun owning patriotic American and you sir are a piece of (bleep),” wrote one man.

Troy also received plenty of support:

Another man told him that “I gotta give you credit Troy for making your posts global. I know I couldn’t do it. And you know I totally understand where you’re coming from in all this craziness. LOL”

One man told Brown, who is black, he did the right thing because “she would have called the police if you had got out and approached to help.”

This woman agreed: “It ain’t safe for black men to be approaching strangers!!! They could get killed because somebody feared for their life!!! Yes keeping on going sticker or not!!!!”

What would you have done? Would you leave a woman who voted for Donald Trump stranded in the snow?

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