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Yandy Erika D

In Mendeecees’ messy baby mama news…

Yandy Talks Changing The Locks To Erika D’s Apartment

Yandy Smith is once again defending her decision to change the locks to Erika D’s apartment.

As previously reported Yandy and Mendeecees’ second baby mama have been going back and forth because Erika is denying being Mendeecees’ “slide.”

And on the latest episode of LHHNY viewers watched as Yandy did “what a wife does” and changed the locks to Erika’s place that was in her and Mendeecees’ name.

According to Yandy she had every right to do that because she has a key and uses the apartment for storage. “I’ma show you how much of a lease you share,” said Yandy.
Via VH1:

“My husband and I, we choose to let you stay in an apartment so you can get off your mother’s couch. And you want to throw that back in my face and say, ‘that’s why me and him share a lease together.’ Oh, I’ma show you how much of a lease you share when I change the locks because I have a key. I’ve always had a key to that place. So I can come and go as I choose, hence the reason I use that place for storage in the closet…the walk-in closet, yeah I use that for my storage…me and my kids.

Yandy Erika D

She also added that she’s “multidimensional” and her “Grant Projects” side can come out.

“I change the locks. I don’t like you throwing it in my face like you got something over me so now you kicked out. What happened? See, the thing about me people need to understand is I’m multidimensional. I’m Yandy in the corporate room. I can give you Oprah all day. At home I can give you Susie the homemaker. You mess with my family, you’re going to get Yandy from Grant Projects because that’s where she’s from and she’s going to give you what you give her.”

Okay Yandy.

All the while Yandy was blasting Erika however, an old video was making its rounds on social media of Yandy bragging about being a “wife” and flashing her ring.
Mind you this is after she confessed to not being legally married to Mendeecees for fear of having to pay back his restitution.

She’s now getting relentlessly roasted for the video.
Yandy Erika D

Poor thang!

More reactions to Yandy’s video on the flip.

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