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Looks like Hollyweird has some common sense after all. Angela Bassett was finally honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk Hall of Fame yesterday. It’s about time she was recognized. Here’s to you Angela – for holding it down (for real).

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  • Tia

    first baatches

  • Tia

    but seriously Angela Bassett is a great actress this is something that need to happen 10 years ago, but I am glad to see it happen.

  • Mona

    the most gifted black actress out there ….oh and second!

  • Lady Architect

    It’s about time. She deserved this years ago. I’m sorry I never understood how Halle Berry ever received anything before this woman. Angela looks beautiful and I see everyone came out to support her.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    CONGRATS!!!!!! Well deserved!

  • SB

    congrats! she still looking good!

  • Suga&Spice

    GO Angela! She gives consistantly steller performanaces, looks great, carries herself magnificantly and holds down a Hollywood marriage! She surely doesnt get the praise she deserves. But maybe the minimal limelight is what makes her so damn great!


    she should have gotton an Oscar already….for palying the role of Tina Turner, even J.hud can’t touch her….politics I tell you!

  • Re

    Congrats! She’s awesome, they robbed her for that Oscar (What’s Love Got to Do With It). She’s still beautiful.

    But I gotta say, I saw How Stella Got Her Groove back a month ago again, and watching it as an adult it is so hilariously cheesy. LOL

  • $moK.E.Y.

    This is so overdue and late! She is extremely talented actress. This is further proof how Hollyweird discriminates against many talented black females.

  • Virgo911

    Go Angela!!! She is a true talent and a class act.



  • liquidackee

    bout friggin time!

  • for-casual-fun

    she is so happy, haha, congrats to her! I saw her movie on, the casual encounters there enjoy it most, thanks! she is a nice lady, to be honest!

  • Darth Paul

    Gotta love Angela. This is long overdue.

  • Honeydipt

    Angela Bassett is so beautiful! I’m proud of and for her. Hollywood took so long to acknowledge this woman’s talent because they are so enthralled with Halle. Nothing against Halle but because she was light skinned and mixed, they acted like she was the only “black woman” in Hollywood–the only one that was acceptable anyway. Angela acted her azz off in What’s Love Got To Do With It and was overlooked, hell, her performance in Waiting To Exhale was great too (I still remember how she lit the fire to his sh*t and the way she walked away…it was BAD you hear me?!) Anyway, congrats to her because it was a long time coming!

  • black is beautiful & right

    beautiful and talented and real….a triple threat!

  • White_Chick


  • ash

    I am soooooooo happy for her!!!!!! I always speak on how she needs to be mentioned more for her increditble talent!!! Go angie, now lets see if we can get u an ever so deserved Oscar!

  • T.J.

    She deserves accolades, but it’s worth being noted that the ‘nomination’ process is not really tied to talent, it’s tightly wound with promotion and someone has to pay the 25k$ fee to obtain the star. It’s not free.

  • dayg715

    congratulations angela!! it is LONG overdue. and all you black idiots hatin’ on halle, she won that oscar because SHE CAN ACT. i see you rather a black woman win an oscar for getting her ass kicked up and down a movie screen by her drug addicted black husband, then for acting, huh? yeah, that’s a GREAT representation of black people. SMH.

  • Free

    love the twins!!!

  • Afiya


    Her and Courtney’s book is a must read…’Love lessons for relationships…and life’.

    *applauding Angela*

  • dbc

    Congrats Mrs Vance you deserve it and you are the best.

  • NotoriousOne

    Morning everyones! Happy Friday!

    DAMN, she JUST got a star?!?!? WTF?! I think I saw a show where they said Britney Spears had gotten a star on the Walk of Fame? But Angela is JUST getting one?!?!? WTF!!

    On another note, Angela in Mr. 3000, that one scene when she gets outta bed…GOOOOOD GAWWWWD!! Aiight, had my moment for the day.

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