New Mexico Store Posts ‘Kill Obama’ And ‘Muslims Not Welcome’ Signs

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Barack Obama

New Mexico Store Posts Kill Obama And Racist Signs On Window

A racist convenience store in New Mexico is under firing for posting signs on windows advocating for the murder of President Obama reports Mic News:

One of the signs read “Kill Obama” and another says “Obama & Muslims not welcome here.” The signs also include racially-tinged epithets and slurs with one reading “2012 No Re-nig.” A sign aimed at NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who has protested and been outspoken about police brutality against black people, called the San Francisco 49ers quarterback an “overpaid half breed” and said he should “go back to Africa.”

“Colin Kaeper-d**k, you overpaid half-breed: Take your millions and go back to Africa,” the sign read.

The ain’t isht convenience store also allegedly sells toilet paper with Obama’s face on it to add insult to injury. People have taken to social media to blast the store…

This is NOT free speech by the way:


Can you give this store zero stars?



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