Coonery at its Finest… What the Hell is an Auto-Coon?

- By Bossip Staff

There is a new term called an auto-coon that was created for the t-shirt photo’d above.  What is an auto-coon you ask?

According to the creators of this tee by Dangerous Negroes, an auto-coon is:

Auto-Coon: (noun) a cookie-cutter rapper/entertainer that sells his/her community out in order to profit from ignorance.  Usually produced in great numbers by major labels and corporate media. (verb) to fall back on gimmicks, buffoonery, and swagger jacking to sell records due to lack of intelligence, real talent, and creativity.

We’ll buy ten tee’s just off GP… Is Jay Z getting some type of residuals off this sh*t? He may have just sparked a movement or at least helped put some money in a hustler’s pocket. Who knew camels could be such a  lucrative asset to the struggling economy.

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