With All This Photo-shopping Going On…Let’s Get to the Bottom of it with Derek Blanks

- By Bossip Staff

Derek Blanks, a producer of great photography, has been going through challenges with people saying that “this or that” is photo-shopped. He hit us up with some reasoning as well as before and after pictures of Fantasia’s shoot with him in June.

The guy knows his job:

Beauty is often defined and measured by the unnecessarily high standards set forth by today’s society. With this being said, it is only safe for one to assume that the average Celebrity relies heavily on Digital ….
…Photographic Retouching, Photoshop, for the perfect end product/photo…not always true! Take these photos of J Records Recording Artist, Fantasia for example. In most cases, basic photo retouching should subtly enhance a subject in a photo, not create a brand new one, as so demonstrated by Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer Derek Blanks and with the permission of Fantasia. So ask yourself, are these heavily photoshoped photos? You be the judge!

We think the general public gets photo-shopping mixed up with airbrushing. The two are separate. Nevertheless, some people need more photo-shopping and airbrushing than others… We bet Derek will agree with that.

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  • First!


  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    i can barely see a difference



  • ACE

    Looks like all they did was even the garment out and erase her tats – SHE STILL LOOKS STUNNING

  • 2dimplzs

    I barely see a difference either aside from taking away all of her ugly tats……..

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!


  • charlieblanko

    I get what derek is saying. People throw around photoshopped and all that to a fault.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Ain’t no damn difference, lol

  • Sloppy Seconds are for Losers

    Fantasia is definitely a cute girl. She is not photoshopped anymore than Kim K, Beyonce, Christina Milian, or Mariah Carey..

    Now I will say this, I have seen Bey up close and personal and SHE IS THAT GORGEOUS in person. So photoshop on her dsnt make a difference.

  • http:/yahoo.com UHM UHM

    tasia pictures looks good and she has got a voice on her and can she sing.what has she been up too.

  • Missy

    How do u get pictures on your gravatar on here?

  • http://bossip.com too cute ,the original one

    she looks great,I see what he is saying,they removed tats on her,the background also changed and the lighting,HOW CAN PEOPLE SAY THEY DON’T SEE A DIFFERENCE LOOK AT THE PHOTOS CLOSE,some people change their overall appearance,by lighting themselves,slimming down their waist,hips,making their but appear much larger,which is unrealistic photoshopping,changing your total overall appearance

  • blackbeltshopper

    D.Blanks is great!! He knows how to bring out a womans beauty..the right hair,lighting..garments and makeup..

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    Interesting… Very subtle.


    Go to http://www.gravatar.com and upload one!

  • Whatever

    Well, Tasia looks like Tasia. Hummm!

  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals!!!

    @ Missy–

    Go to gravatar….com. They’ll give you instructions on how to upload a picture.

    Good Luck!!

  • GrowUP

    A few of you posters are dumb. The point of the posting is to show what REAL photo-shopping should look like . It is be very minimal meaning it shouldn’t change too much form the original picture. As you can see Fantasia looked great before any photo shopping, even the tats look fine. This isn’t your free pass to bash for no reason. She was nice enough to let you nuts see her before and after pictures, probably because she knows she doesn’t allow excessive photo-shopping thus there is nothing to hide. She didn’t have to allow this so just enjoy it and stop the unnecessary bashing. Really, how many stars would allow this? Not many especially if they know they have been photo-shopped to death.

  • lilb

    fantasia looks good in both pics. but if you look closely u can see the photo on the bottom has been altered. look at her hand, her eye, and her nose.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    Damn — Tasia got an UPgrade.

  • Have A cold one on me

    only Difference I see is the clock in the background on one of them is missing and the tats now what(sleepy)

  • Saffi

    A boat-load of photoshop is needed to make Fantasia look halfway decent.

  • http://www.shekeyultd.com SoCultural

    Perfection is only as deep as the makeup you put on.

    Black People Stand up!


    Very Victor/Victoria! Awesome setup in these pics. Nice job Derek!

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