Why Would Little Girls Need to Play with Dolls that Need to be Breast Fed???

- By Bossip Staff

What happen to Baby Alive and giving it a bottle??? Overseas always has the craziest sh*t going on. Spoof or not, some of this stuff is just out of pocket. Little girls playing with dolls that need to be breast fed to stop them from crying… SMH

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  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Some people are just sick. WTF Whatever happened to telling them the baby comes from the stork? Childrens minds are much to impressionable to expose them to such things at an early age.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-


  • J. Joe Brown

    Yeah… this is NOT a hoax. A “Spanish company” came up with this doll.

  • Poca

    5? OMG!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!



    This is dead wrong on so many levels. my daughter def wont be getting that doll.

  • ChampaignKisses

    Breastfeeding is natural and if your going to having real life babies, I don’t see the big deal. Nothing is showing. Babydoll’s are made that can pee and nobody is complaining about that being too real life. American’s need to get over themselves and their pseudo-righteousness. There is nothing sexual about breast feeding. Most American’s choose not to because of vanity reasons.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Lol this is funny because in the deep south you already have 11 year olds with no breast having kids and trying to breastfeed!

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    I never breast fed

  • http://Bossip.com This some shhh..

    Damn, what’s next? An abortion Barbie?


    Too FAR!

  • We Need To Do Better

    if this was a black doll it would be a issue than

  • Mandah! rise n shine chile!

    i have no words!

  • no bueno

    i do not believe

  • JB (Green Bay? I'll take it)

    Let me think about this. Fail. Now little girls will be talking about they want a for real baby.

  • tb

    That’s just ridgotdyamdiculous!

  • tb

    Training the little girls for early to get preggers and put the daddies on child support.


    Maybe if more of us nursed our kids they would not be so f*up.
    @breastfeeding momma
    I have to agree-thats why I breastfed all my children.If you read the ingredients on a baby formula can,you will see at least 20 ingredients that no one even knows the origin of.

  • http://bossip.com too cute ,the original one

    not suprised,look at this generation of kids we have today,they know and do just about anything these days,look at the internet

  • drenk

    @ Organic Beauty Vixen

    immortality…? LMAO!!!

  • M Wil The Beast

    It’s funny how a doll that does something as natural as BREASTFEED is looked upon as a sign of the end of days. LMFAO. It’s NATURAL! There are some true smart dumb people walking around here.

  • It's gonna be o.k.


    Nothing wrong with breast feeding.
    I couldn’t give it to my daughter. She is too young to understand the whole concept. I guess I want to preserve her innocence as long as I can.
    I mean I wouldn’t buy her a bikini because I didn’t want her tummy to show. I guess I’m just old school.

    You Say:

    Formula is packed with steroids and unnecessary ingredients your feeding precious children. That’s why there’s so many overweight, oversized children in America
    I did formula with both my kids and have been accused of not feeding them because they are so skinny. They were active, not forced to clean their plates, not rewarded with food and used “treats” as a bargaining tool. Also, my son is on his way to University of Michigan and my daughter can read at a third grade level. (don’t say breast milk makes the kids smarter either)

    Kids are obese because people don’t understand nutrition, processed food is easier and cheaper. Give their kids food to “entertain” them or simply don’t keep them active. Oh and there’s this little thing called genes.

  • T-Bone

    Babies should be breast fed. I wouldn’t have a problem with that doll being fed the right way and helping my child get a healthy foundation. Do some research, daughters of mothers who breastfeed multiple children will pretend to nurse their baby dolls. It’s nature. Get over it. Breast is best.

  • shayna

    I breastfed my child and I think its beautiful and the best thing ever! However given the fact that kids don’t really understand such things I have to disagree with this toy.

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    so…..now lil girls will be …… i dont even wanna think about this. if i was a father, my daughter would never get it.

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