Reality or Real TV: Kanye’s Old Jump and Christian from Harlem Heights Are Engaged

- By Bossip Staff

According to reports, Kanye’s Ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittendon and her reality co-star Christian are engaged.

Brooke decided to milk her two minutes of fame and is getting engaged to her co-star Christian.  The two recently revealed they were a couple during the wrap up of the show and now via twitter Brooke is informing us all that she and Christian are ready to jump the broom.  In her tweet to a follower she states “No he’s totally serious… we’re engaged”:

As if that wasn’t enough she also put her ring on full blast which isn’t too shabby! Check it out below.

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  • no bueno

    who cares?

  • no bueno

    oh, and first 🙂

  • Winona Johnson

    I really like Brooke! She is even prettier now that she wears her hair short. Back in the day with the weave, she looked so cookie cutter!

    Good for her!!

  • undressingHER

    lmao @ twitter. It’s hard to believe last year nobody was talking about that, well atleast most ppl weren’t.

    glad for them though, she’s a very nice looking woman and he seems like a stand up brother.

  • damnnnn

    she is bad all the bad ones are gettin wifed up

  • black love

    there is nothing like black love

  • gogirl

    you go girl so happy i hope you not prego than it doesnt count

  • badbitch

    she always say yes didnt she say yes to kanye when he asked
    some girls will always say yes

  • leslie arnelle

    Brooke was my fav on the show and I adore these two together…God Bless!

  • Double W

    Great for them!!

  • True Blud

    might as well get married, the whole industry has run through that… real talk.

  • Brooke Who?

    The only thing that I remember about Christian is that his side tooth looks like the the “crooked I” in the St. Ides logo. She might as well marry him cause Kanye and nobody else wants that stretched out moldy fish basket with a side of yakami. Kanye’s got Amber on his arm; so, she has to know that he ain’t jealous one bit. She wish she had Amber’s swag and fame. Too bad she’s not even a certified Z lister. The Flava of Love girls rank higher than she does.

  • Whatever

    Awe! Now I hope Chris got that baby tooth fixed.

  • nik

    cute couple…lol…i wonder what that other girl that was dating him on the show think

  • http://bossip satin


  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    That pathetic woman from Flava Flave’s minstrel show got a lot of mileage out of that nonsense (“New York”), now this woman is riding her 15 minutes for all it’s worth —- let her name return to obscurity, please.

  • Can

    Yea for two nice black people getting together, I hope they have many chocolate babies!

  • Killer Jay

    Well this isn’t a shocker they were all smitten on Harlem Heights. I love Brooke and i Love HARLEM Heights. When is the new season

  • RazeKane

    She seem like the type that’ll kill a brother if he cheats….during the season I remember her flippin out just because chris was chatting with another dime piece.

  • http://bossip donnab4real

    Trubud please elaborate, do tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    she look like keri hilson, but shes prettier

  • Tell it like it is

    Amber Rose is KILLING HER!!!!!.. so who cares?

  • Tell it like it is

    Keri Hilson is killing her too…. so who cares/

  • Derrick Johnson

    One step closer to obscurity.. who cares?


    I dont like Brooke phoney ass…..

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