Guess Which Member of Nina Sky is Gay/Bi???

- By Bossip Staff

You haven’t heard much from Nina Sky in the last five years but we are hearing some things. Pop the hood to see which member is considered suspect by the “After Ellen” community


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  • Mia


  • niki

    first? why did i just do that

  • Man, I just dont care™

    Hopefully BOTH of them. Any lady would be lucky to have either of these beauties.

  • my4boyz09

    hi first

  • highasaneagleyadig


  • Nicole*Albino*Luver

    thats NICOLE not Natalie….

  • @karrmayuuup

    bOth Of em aRe sexii !

  • blackbeltshopper

    OK…?…But why did she have to hunt through trailer parks to find the chick??

  • AYoB!

    She can eat my mango anytime =)

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    The brunette…

  • Man, I just dont care™

    “She can eat my mango anytime =)”

    That’s beautiful. Would you reciprocate?

  • Ms. Littlejohn


    You’re bad.

    ; )

    I just thought it was a funny statement!

  • Binary Star

    @AYoB! “…vagina wont do, it feels weird coming off my tongue ”

    lol. no comment

  • Man, I just don't care™

    “You’re bad.

    ; )

    I just thought it was a funny statement!”

    It was a funny statement. You coulda still answered the question tho. LOL.

  • LadyAngel


  • Ms. T.

    LOL stop it!


    I have never heard of them in my life.

  • Dominique Devereaux

    CD was wonderful I mean

  • Truth

    No suprises there. She always looked butchy.

  • crazy girl

    natalie is…….went to h.s with her….i was like a few yr yunger….nicole left n went to a diff skool…..but who cares…..who isnt bi/gay these days

  • Im So in love with Glok9

    Does it really matter …Twins are usaully both gay if one decides that lifestyle , what anyway! why are they even news these hoes haven’t had a 1 hit wonder in years ….glok if you read this… Hi im female and i think im in love with you im addicted to your posts…lol!

  • Newcomer

    @ Man, I just don’t care…I never tried it but always wondered what’s it like. Details please!

  • honeycutt

    the blond is a dude…

  • Whatever

    Wow. Not surprised:)

  • Old School

    Whatever floats her boat.

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