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  • Black to tha Bone AKA The Swirl King

    She is a typical goddess of European descent. An upstanding citizen and a pillar for global humanity. Ah The White Women brings tears to my eyes with her presence.

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    I’m just trying to figure out why she would think African orphans would want an autographed picture of her in a bikini.

  • Snickers Marley

    …you’ve gotta be kidding me!

  • Snickers Marley

    if that lil girl ONLY KNEW…!

  • Aoki Lee

    I love this little girl on Paris’ lap. She’s soo adorable!

  • Jahpson

    SMH @ Paris Hilton!!

    she plays these stunts to remain relevant to the media. attention who*re at its best.

    didn’t the other day she was walking with a shaman?

  • Snickers Marley

    “she plays these stunts to remain relevant to the media. attention who*re at its best.”



    …wonder why the picture vanished…??

  • Tealeaf

    Just another PR stunt

  • GQ

    Google up about the pardo people, folks. They have far stronger ties to Africa than we do. Adriana’s dad was part European and part African.

  • Free

    lmao at the dereon pic. lil’ beyonce in the front at the table, lil’ kelly waaay in the back in the corner, and lil’ michelle not even in the pic.

  • Free

    ^^^^ lil’ michelle replaced w/a becky.

  • coco's big butt

    Did any of you see that picture of Coco straggling a chair on TMZ??? OMG!!!

  • ms braided beauty

    black to tha bone, you are really a piece of work… who cares about your love for white women.. go tell it on the white sites…i am expressing my love for black men and always will have that love for my nubian brothers!!

  • neeka

    Adriana looks like an angel. She’s so beautiful.

  • for-casual-fun

    gorgeous beauty!!

  • Morgab

    Lima is actually mixed, Swirl King, and most likely you are such a tard and so uninformed that you didn’t happen to realize that, she is certainly not white. She is actually South American(Brazillian) and lists African as apart of her racial heritage, do the research before you want to come at me, because I know.

  • jessegardner

    she cute not gorgoues but cute she is of mixed race of black brazil and french she only a quarter of white sorrrrrrrrrrrrry no white woman here

  • romeo romeo

    i think i once saw this naked video on pubspa dotcom, she is hot, very hot, so hot, even made me hard… aha?? so if u like, go and have a look, and i’m sure you will agree with me…

  • for-casual-fun

    those pictures are so beautiful…

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