Keyshia Cole in NYC

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Keyshia Cole was spotted leaving the HOT 97 Full Frontal Hip Hop Fashion Show last night in NYC. Yeah we’re definitely feelin the black hair on her now, a nice little change up from the blonde T-Boz ‘do.

Here are some photos from that event:

More images under the hood..

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  • Judge Mabelline Ephraim


  • Judge Mabelline Ephraim

    I love me some Keisha – I play her music in my chambers all the time.

  • Txshawty

    I’m loving the black hair on Keyshia! Go girl!

  • Snickers Marley

    that’s why I love Keyshia! you can still be cute and classy and NOT have your ass hangin’ out!!

  • Snickers Marley

    Shawty?? I KNOW that aint Shawty!

    heeey gurl!!


  • VicKaLiCioUs


    Thats because Keyshia doesn’t need to dress like a tramp to hide her lack of talent. She could go out there in a garbage bag and move folks with her voice.

  • VicKaLiCioUs

    Why is Nik from ANTM always at these events? Has she done anything since her time on ANTM?

  • Snickers Marley



  • fabulosity

    WHY Cheri Dennis, WHY must you always look a hot ass mess?I understand she has braces on right now (which I totally don’t understand, because using Invisalign makes so much more sense for an R&B singer), but honestly, that does not give her an excuse to not do her hair and wear spandex with ugly ass strappy sandals. Get your sh*t together, babe.

  • Txshawty


    And you still have that scary gravie up lol {shudders}

    I swear that lil boy look like he gone use some freakky Jedi mind tricks on me lol


  • Snickers Marley

    I was just wondering the SAME thing about Nik!

    I haven’t seen her in any magazines……


    I’m startin’ to see Whitney in a lotta party pics too…I guess when all else fails…become a Professional Party-goer!! Tocarra & Gabby must be so proud!

  • Southern Belle 225

    @snickers..your gravie still disturbs me! LOL

    Who is Cheri Dennis?

  • Txshawty

    lol @ fabulosity directing her question AT Cheri.

    @ Vick…I often wonder the same thing. However my attention is so short, I tend to quickly look at her picture, and not actually question her presence until hours later. Like, ‘Didn’t I just see a picture of Nik at work today??’

    Come to think of it, I do that alot. Eh. Thats not good lol

  • beautiful b (really)

    oh i dido that. its very rare that u see a singer with clothes on. 5 head pls take note! then again…when u have real talent u dont have to serve up spread eagle crotch shots to the crowds.

  • Txshawty

    @ Snickers.’

    You’re right, I try to resist, but I keep glancing back at the picture.

    What is it? Is it a he or a she?? When I’m confused I just call them ‘its Pat’ from the old SNL sketch/movie. lol

  • VicKaLiCioUs


    I guess she can’t get any photo shoots so she gave up and settled for getting her pic takin at various parties. I wonder if she’ll try and use them in her portfolio.

  • Snickers Marley

    SB225…what part of his overwhelming sex appeal disturbs you?

    Shawty, can’t you tell it’s a male from all of his raging masculinity????

  • Snickers Marley

    but on a serious note……why does Cheri’s hair ALWAYS look the same?? what kind of look is she going for? she needs to throw those flat irons away ’cause I don’t think they’re helpin’ the cause!

  • Snickers Marley

    and who gave her the ok to wear that Prince shirt?? it looks like it’s swallowing her!

  • Hunter

    fluck keyshia cole-



  • Snickers Marley

    it’ll be cute if it didn’t have that “inflated balloon” look…

  • Txshawty

    Vick…I would bet you on that, but we would need somebody for us to bet against cuz I agree! lol

    Something has been off about Nik though lately, imo. She was so pretty to me on ANTM…hmmm Maybe its the stress of not having a steady job, but I hope she’ll be alright!

  • Jahpson

    keyshia looks great!

  • Txshawty

    @ Cyndi…Did you watch the Family Affair last night? If so, how was it because I didn’t get to see it last night.

  • num1dominicano

    both Cheri and Angie look terrible in that picture…

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