Uh-Oh MiMi’s New Album on Hold!

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Mariah has more things to worry about than Eminem ever chopping her down again.  Her new album is nowhere near being complete.

According to a source close to Mariah, she’s been running around trying to get her new album “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” finished.  We hear that Mariah is also very nervous about her arch-rival Whitney Houston’s album release which is slowly approaching.  Since leaving her longtime manager Benny Medina last year, Mariah hasn’t had much success.

With the release of only one single and her album date being pushed back, the only thing Mariah’s got working in her favor is the fact that she let Eminem scrape at one point in time.  Why aren’t we so obsessed with you MC should be the question.

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  • liyah76

    mimi looks sick here

  • ninaprb

    Im still obsessed with MC! Can’t wait for the new CD and I hope she does a tour!!


    Because she no longer sings she just whispers through songs rubbing her damn self. She wants to be back on top, sing a damn song and stay out of the women half your age closets.

  • PO10TiAL

    Sounds like a FLOP.

  • stacey

    WTF does whitney houston have to do with anything

  • nobody cares

    Whitney bout to have the r&b, pop, adult contemporary game on lock.

    Mariah is realeasing albums back to back too fast, she really needs to take a minute and find a direction, she’s getting to old to be dressing like a 18 y/o and making all these hip hop tracks. She’d be an undeniable heavy weight if she went back to the music box/daydream/butterfly days

  • lol

    dont believe it. the label wouldnt let her release a single anyway if the album wasnt close to being completed. and im pretty sure she knew Whitney was coming back. When artist get there release date for a album they also know who else is coming out that month way ahead of time.

  • http://www.offuhuge.com/blog/2009/uh-oh-mimi%e2%80%99s-new-album-on-hold/ Uh-Oh MiMi’s New Album on Hold!

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    @nobody cares
    I CO-SIGN THAT 100%

  • blackbeltshopper

    Great singer…But it would be nice if she could practice her stage performance….For some reason it changed…1 minute she acts like her limbs are broken..or she’s having stage fright!!


    I love mariah. The issue is. Her fans have TAKEN a stand. Mariah’s fans are tired of the WHISPER singing, the lipsinging. Her fans want her to SING, and stop being a lazy bit_h.

    She has redone the cd to sing.

  • Mikey

    i love mariah and i’m patient that she will make the besty cd. Can’t wait for “i want to know what love is”.

  • Liza

    OMG whitney looks like an ex-crack head doesnt she?

  • Charles

    love mimi and so excited for this cd

  • Tina

    She has a song on there called ‘Salute’ written and produced by R Kelly that is the ish! Can’t wait to get that CD on August 31.

  • dayg715

    right now Whitney is thinking, “boy, this is gonna be easier than i thought!” LOL…..

  • brandy

    Hey folks. These people are under contracts to produce music. They are ultimately in control as they are not your new artists just beginning but make no mistake, there are contractual agreements and deadlines set for them to not only produce but also in a certain time frame. Just keep that in mind when you are thinking about when and how successful their albums are when they do drop.

  • http://jummm22@verizonmail.com kisses

    Mariah sounds amazing and Whitney sounds like she she burned a hole in her throat with the crack pipe.Mariah has 18#1s she is amazing!!

  • ROOT

    In my opinion;
    Between the 2:
    In @ Number One: Mariah Carey
    Number 2; Whitney Houston
    I’m admittedly a bit biased, not limited to Mariah’s MX.
    Hopefully BOTH will do well.
    Each has a following that will likely NOT be deterred by anything any of us says on this blog or any other.
    In my opinion. I agree that Mariah has gotten too far from the strength and range of her stand-alone voice, the standard she created that brought her to success, and that I believe she has swayed too far from.
    I would expect and anticipate that Whitney should do well with her return.
    Both are packaged and marketed differently, and I’m ok with either.
    Few things in anyone’s life this large comes easy. We all know that.

  • Not.

    Why do people always have to make it about some big thing between these two?

    And for the “Source” who said MC was worried about Whitney…I’m willing to bet that source has Clive Davis dollar bills in their pockets.

    Whitney and MC have went up against each other before. Mariah is off in lala land and Whitney cannot sing anymore. Both will do good out the box, then fade into obscurity.

  • Jordans Gyrl

    Mariah has aged…

  • http://jummm22@verizonmail.com kisses

    Mariah has aged????

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