Which One Would You Hit???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kanye West, Jeezy, Jay-Z, and Fabolous were all at Camel’s and Mary J. Blige’s opener for their “The Heart of the City” tour.

If you had to hit one of these kind gentle folk, WHICH ONE???

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  • caramelbabe7

    I already hit one a few times and he makes me better every time…hint hint

  • SW10

    ewwwwwwww how about none.

  • http://www.myspace.com/miss_juiicy_got_it_all DiamondPrincess

    First,Jay Then Jeezy Then Fab And Maybe Kanye can Hit…Hmmm How Bout Just Sum HEAD?


  • cookie

    Kanye West, Jeezy, Jay-Z, and Fabolous..all of them are hittable but Kanye & Fab would get it 1st

  • Cat Woman

    How about none. Or better yet, Jay Z because he’s the most masculine out of the whole group.

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    uh JayZ.. i mean look at rihanna now….

    lol lol im jus playin..

    i always had a thing for fab.. n kanye

  • Corree

    I wouldn’t hit any of em, because they all look like they already bit hit with an ugly stick.

  • Corree

    None!! They already look like they been hit with an ugly stick.

  • spain

    all of these blokes could get it there on breakers

  • JRiddles

    Kanye in a split second. Then, Fabolous. Then Jay-Z and I’m not too sure I’m into Jeezy like that. Jay’s got that swagger, I love Kanye and Fabolous is a cutie!

  • WTF

    I’m so pissed the concert isn’t comin to my city!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I love all of those guys… but if they would just dress a little nicer and lose the grimey look. They don’t have to rock slack and ties on stage but they don’t have to look like that and they white t’s… STOP IT!!!

  • Black Beauty


  • dayg715

    NONE of ’em.

  • http://thefitnessdiva.blogspot.com Black Fitness Queen

    None of these MF’s. Post some dimes for a change for the females. I know they’re out there. Damn!

  • http://usm.edu Discrete

    I’ma say Yeezy, without a doubt. He seems to know what to do. A guy like Ye, would be down for an all nighter, round for round. I would not do Jay, he looks like he could throw your back out, and have you lookin crazy in love like Beyonce. Fabulous, look like he would literally eat your couchie up. Kanye is perfect. I think he knows how to satisfy a woman. Plus, he said he is well endowed. Hopefully he was telling the truth.

  • http://usm.edu Discrete

    Oh, Jeezy could not get it!

  • bree

    F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S…I get the feeling he packing..he looks like he can give it to me just the way i like it

  • I'd hit jeezy

    I like that thug ish and he the one that seem like he a do me down bad in the sack Thats if we were talking bout just hitting it ! If it came down to choosing a man to be with I think I’d rock with jay cause he seem’s very inteligent I mean he pulled Bey and he holding it down for this long so !

  • Tamika

    Jay & Kanye FIRST for me. Then, Jeezy & fabulous if they want me. LOL. But, definitely Jay & Kanye ALL THE WAY.

  • coolsgurl08

    when u put all of them on the list like that out of all of them i would have to say jay z cuz he got the most money lol

  • flawda

    I was at that concert last night in Miami, the crowd went crazy when Kanye showed up.

  • cutie pie

    in this case I will be lesbian for 2.5 seconds and say mary…was she an option??

  • me

    i love me some kanye i don`t think he would talk about himself …even if he did, if hes good enough (iTHINK he would be ) it won’t matter he cud even talklm about my mama lol

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