Fu*kin For Publicity Turned Into Love

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Looks like Miss “Fu*kin’ for Publicity” might have found some true love after all. Here is Selita Ebanks and Osi Umenyiora courtside at the Knicks and Memphis Grizzlies game this weekend. That body language looks like they are actually feelin each other a wee bit. Good for them.

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  • Barack's Penis



    OMG HE’S FINE!!!


  • shine

    true love?? i don’t think so. you have not seen the playboy’s pics with bikini girl on INTerracialmatch dotcom/photo/blackchats. then you will find the “true love”

  • SW10

    i don’t give a damn what is she famous for again and who the hell is that dude never heard of him.

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  • Where's your apple diva?

    he’s hella gay and if you can’t see that then your man is gay and people are laughing at your beard ass

  • Richard Simmons

    You can tell by his mannerisms, that he’s sexually conflicted and is not all the comfortable with public displays of affection, hense, the awkward fingertips on her kneecap. This relationship is a fraud and is nothing more than her desperate attempt to remain relevant, since her Victoria’s Secret Contract wasn’t renewed.

  • JRiddles

    He’s not the most masculine, but she’s beautiful and they look happy.

  • kigali

    So many questions about his sexuality. You blacks are so base and simplistic. Wasnt this guy born in England but raised in Nigeria? Are there ideas of masculinity that transcend culture and is easy idenifiable? Everyone is gay except the homo-thug most of yall is laying up with.

    Say something different and new please.

  • VicKaLiCiouS

    I know it isn’t true, but he looks a tad slow. Like he got some type of mental disability.

  • http://www.touchadream.com DwayneTheDreamPsychic

    Ahh come on guys. She might have been looking for love in the wrong places…

    Give her a chance.

  • Roni

    He looks suspect as hell to me!

  • bree


  • That Chocolate Girl

    I cringe when I see them together. That’s supposed to me, lol. Osita is so handsome. Selita….eh!! She aight.

  • DM

    I study body language. He avoids her, he puts an awkward hand around her shoulder and lastly puts a “thing” from the Addams family hand on her knee. He is either very shy and not very masculine. Note that I didn’t say gay, but …

  • http://www.PositiveLoving.com hgirl

    She is dating again now? I was told she created a profile on Our site. And many users winked her everyday. What kind of relationship she is looking for?

  • Hill

    This dude has always made my gaydar go crazy and these pictures ain’t helpin.

  • n_satiable

    I’m not really buying into the show or lack of masculinity debate, but I don’t see where their body language shows their interest in each other…SHE looks happy, but the look on his face just screams, “How long am I gonna have to sit here for this photo-op?”

  • LGD

    to: dumpster dude] You’re an idiot. Both of my parents are dark and I came out light. My cousin is dark brown and her baby daddy is darker. Their daughter is lighter than me.

  • LGD

    to: Richard Simmons] He has abandonment issues. To my understanding, he has sex with a lot of strippers/models.

  • Lady Architect

    ewww he looks weird in these pics. They look full of publicity stunt.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    the only thing missing from Selita’s photo op (last pic where she’s looking directly at the camera) is of her tossing her hair

  • Maury Povich

    @ LGD

    “to: dumpster dude] You’re an idiot. Both of my parents are dark and I came out light. My cousin is dark brown and her baby daddy is darker. Their daughter is lighter than me.”

    Considering that over 30% of the children born in this country, turns out not to be the biological offspring of the father, may i volunteer my services in testing the validity of your lineage? There’s a chance that your mother could’ve had a indiscretion or two, resulting in a case of; MAMA’S BABY, DADDY’S MAYBE. – In other words, you could be the milkman’s baby.

  • Lovely One

    @ kigali

    I sooo agree. You don’t have to wear baggy pants, a white tee and ride in a cadillac with spinning rims to be masculine.

    And maybe the “peeing & pooing” on females was a rumor. It was on mediatakeout from a secret emailer. LOL

    They’re both attractive. Let them be together.

  • trife Ling

    @Maury Povich – ROTFLMBAO! you iz wrong for dat but right! all these blacks be like “my daddy light and mama light and i’m dark, my brother has green eyes but my sister got blond hair and she black!” yeah, and your mama was a hoe! DEY GOT DNA TESTS AT RITE AID YA’LL – GO GET TESTED – ALL THESE OLD ASS CHURCH GOING BROADS WAS ONCE HOES!

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