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Dennis Rodman played in some celebrity poker tournament in Sydney, Australia looking nasty as usual. This dude is so yuck.  SMH at any broad who’s hittin that.

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  • SW10

    hahaha there are no comments thats how scary he looks. is he gay b/coz he really confuses me.

  • Keif K

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  • Ms Sharmaine

    Nasty for real. This dude needs to understand he should not come out in public.


  • Where's your apple diva?

    aint no broad touching that! only some bears are hittin that


    ugh! whats wrong with him? maybe he needs some cocoa butter or something!

  • JRiddles




  • spain

    this man belongs in a zoo lol

  • dayg715

    what was dennis rodman doing at a celebrity poker tournament?

  • ummmm...

    what the hell is up with this upper lip?

  • Alyesha

    Please black chicks go with him too! Back in the day he was desirable

  • Ghost

    Bow Wow take a look at your future if you keep getting those stupid tatoos. At least Lenny Kravtiz knows when to stop.

  • I think he's got AID's !

    I knew someone personally who had it and I swear their skin looked just like his cause they got shingles and It just looks to much alik he has the money to get something done UNLESS HE COULDN’T !

  • MunNeMaYkA

    Yuck…They still haven’t found a cure for this DiSeaSe PURE D UGLY

  • MunNeMaYkA

    He looks infected with everything!!!

  • Mel

    ewwwwwwwwww so so so gross!!!!!!! btw his upper lip looks quite weird to me; and the skin in horrible wt all those tattoos, ppl need to think ahead, I notice Fabolous looking ill too with it. Chris Brown had better not follow suit and stop with the few he has

  • yostartrakyo

    his face looks dirty

  • southside superstar

    one word “chapstick”

  • just ice

    ain’t nothin wrong with him. he’s just old. all old people start to look like that.

  • Its6amhogetOut

    love 6am

  • anonymous

    he is gross. even the gays wouldn’t go ANYWHERE near him…

  • Lillith Crane

    I would bet he suffers from liver and/or kidney disease. He has a history of excessive drinking, and might have gotten something like hepatitis from a tattoo parlor. Gross and freaking sad. Hey, I’m just sayin’…

  • Jeroboam

    Only white wimmin be shagging ol Dennis and his bad skin. Dude, get some treatment with all the loot you got stashed.

  • Harlem Chic

    He is so barfalicious.

  • DM

    It is so pathetic to be almost 50 years old with no career. Working hard to get publicity. This is a prime reason why athletes should go to college and FINISH, so that after the pros, they have a life to which they can go home.

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