On the Come Up: Vibe Mag Is Coming Back

- By Bossip Staff

Just when we thought there was no hope for urban publications, a company has been in the works of buying Vibe out of debt.

When CapitolSource,  a major debt holder, announced the shutdown of Vibe in June, it wasn’t even a mere thought that the company would recover.  But a former publisher of the magazine Leonard Burnett Jr. and the owners of Uptown Magazine have reached a deal with CapitolSource to buy out the Vibe Brand:

Wicks Group paid about $35 million, with financing from CapitalSource, to buy Vibe in 2006. And since the magazine’s shutdown, executives close to the matter said, CapitalSource has been trying to recoup some of the unrecovered debt by accepting offers from potential buyers.

It seems that those efforts have finally paid off because a deal has been reached between Uptown and its equity banker along with  CapitolSource to buy back Vibe.  We’re so happy Vibe is back on the scene because leaving the urban representation up to King and Black Men’s mag was not an option.


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  • Ruthless


  • PO10TiAL

    fuQ bronze… ROSE GOLD.

  • Tee


  • The Butcher

    I hope they honor the 2 years left on my subscription………………

  • http://www.shekeyultd.com SoCultural

    This magazine was full of retail marketing. Too much if you ask me which is why I didn’t like looking at it.


  • medievalpoetry

    No one reads mags anymore, just let them die.

  • Angee

    Is anybody checking for Vibe? I used to love it back in the day store.

    (The Bangin’ Candy Gallery Ads on the side are too much)!! 🙄

  • Angee

    *I used to love it back in the day.*

  • BE

    No one reads mags anymore, just let them die.

    I agree they need to get an online presence if they want to survive.

  • NO Talent

    and also those publications provided health benefits for their staff and less people were applying for unemployment. do you provide this for you staff ???? Dont think so!

  • drenk

    @ medievalpoetry

    AGREED!! If people want to keep Vibe going just focus on the internet. They need to realize ALL magazines and newspapers are dying out. It’s over johnny its OVER!


    Vibe should stay dead.

    It was terrible magazine but I hear that the company that owns Uptown will just use the Logo to sell more cars LOL

    Don’t expect to see anything good from this arrangement.

    This mag will fold again. Hopefully this time for good.

  • DDub (Right? Right.)

    WTF. Is wrong with you people a magazine for the culture (mostly) produced by the culture. It provides jobs and opportunities and a voice to our people. Maybe the content needs to be tweeked or the mission statement adjusted but that’s what progress and a makeover and letters from readers should do. You don’t just write it off.

  • wait a minute

    i wish they would let VIBE die. it was hella crappy anyway.

  • drenk

    @ DDub (Right? Right.)

    but print media is a drying format! you’d be jumping onto a sinking ship


    Jus how “urban” is Vibe going to be now that “they” are running it???????

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