Shar and K-Fraud Bunned Up for His Birthday

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The original K-Fraud, Kevin Federline celebrated his birthday in Vegas this weekend with his baby momma numero uno:

Britney Spears was a no-show but Kev’s other ex Shar Jackson (does she have no dignity?) was on hand all night long to help him mourn his twenties.

The Federline clan was joined by Jackson and a gaggle of her girlfriends for a birthday dinner at the swank Social House before heading to Pure, where they downed Jack Daniel’s and Patron shots in the white leather VIP booth. The Pussycat Dolls sang K-Fed a saucy rendition of “Happy Birthday” as Jackson snuggled close to her ex. “They looked like a couple again.”

Damn even the NY Daily News is questioning Shar’s diginity. Poor thang.

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  • JRiddles

    #2 Maybe they actually loved each other. Things did end on sour note because of Britney. If he left me while I was pregnant, I wouldn’t be so chummy chummy with him @ all. But, he’s got Briteney’s cash now like FAW said.

  • Nita

    Shar has no dignity to be questioned upon.

  • andie

    she wants him back. hands down.

    hell, he probably wants her back too.

    they DO have children together. maybe the feelings are still fresh.

  • Nita

    missing context: “She had kids before KFraud .. where are *they at in her and the kids lives?”

    * they meaning the other kids’ father(s).

  • Bootsy Farnsworth

    @ Nita

    Yes, but in most cases, women have more to lose, especially when children out of wedlock with a person with little to no viable income is involved.

  • That Girl

    Shar is the real fool here. Get real…..

  • Bootsy Farnsworth

    @ dayg715

    How is she the pimp? Remember, Kevin was just your garden variety back-up dancer who lucked out by catching Britney’s eye. Prior to Britney, Kevin was (in all probability) sponging off Shar and her residual checks from her stint on Moesha. She’s only receiving child support due to Britney’s millions. There was nothing pre meditated on Shar’s part. This was just random luck.

  • ummmm...

    they never really broke up…brit got scammed….

  • Chofra

    I hope they get back together.

  • Bubothehater

    She is famous for having 4 kids, and two of them by this idiot (but h edid leave her, Marry Britteny, collect he rmillions an dnow may have gone back to her) well, maybe I’m the idiot and they are the geniuses.

    Regardless, she is famous for not having the decency to keep her legs closed or have her men strap up.

  • Obamarama

    Ok< I’m gonna have a SMDH inspired, Charlie Brown’s teacher with turrets syndrome rant here. Just pretend K-fraud is black.


    wha wa waa-waaa


    wha wa waa-waaa


    wha wa waa-waaa


  • Obamarama

    And why does she look like she was holding hands with Gary Coleman?

  • anonymous

    obamarama, that was funny!!!!

  • bree

    ok, ok, ok..Shar did you forget to dress up and wear lotion?..was this a last minute thing? i forgive you..Kevin did you wear that before?’re still pretty fly, for a white-guy.

    Shar and K-fed set Britney all of Shar’s kids have trust funds and neither (shar & kevin) one has to work again.

  • vince

    why she always look dusty?

  • Don'TripTieYourShoe!

    i don’t care what no one says, plastic surgery or not, she looks damn good for having a small litter of kids, what’s she had about 7 now?

  • kb1908

    it must be made of gold!

  • lovely and amazing

    I truly believe these two planned to be together for life from the start. Shar and Kevin were both unemployed living off her Moesha risidual checks and they had three mouths to feed (Shar has two other children) and a fourth on the way. Britney wanted Kevin so bad she bought him and Shar’s peace. I just hope everyone involved does right by all the children involved. Black women have always had the insurmountable capacity to forgive which can be a blessing and curse. Peace.

    Shar is obviously deeply in love with K-fed and is willing to compromise her dignity to have him. I think she feels she’s winning in the end.

  • lovely and amazing

    @ Nita

    “Shar is Maria Callas screwing Onassis and never getting that ring — without Callas’ genuine talents. Shar is gonna learn what it is to be Sandra Locke, even if KFraud ain’t nowhere near Clint Eastwood.”

    Your Maria Callas comparison is deep.

    I thought it was also messed up how after what like 15 years Woody Allen said if he was really committed to Mia Farrow he would have lived with her. And that whole time Mia bought his crap about them having a “modern” and “progressive” relationship.

    Shar and Mia made their own choices.

  • Carla07

    Dang – she looks TO UP.

  • DM

    She, of the fake contact eyes, is trying to stay close to his wallet.

  • Harlem Chic

    Those fake contacts slay me every time.

  • Corree

    I guess pride and dignity can be bought. She’s such a poor excuse for a woman and a mother. This deserves a side eye AND a Ho sit down!!!

  • hgirl

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