Black Congressman Finds Swastika Outside Office…SMH

- By Bossip Staff

Georgia Democratic Congressman, David Scott, found a swastika spray painted on the sign outside his office on Tuesday (August 11). Scott believes the defacing of his sign is a reflection of growing racial tension over… continue

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  • MasterMK

    People are piss with Government taking over health car and are referring our Government to the Nazi. Hanging up the Obama “Joker” poster are fine but spray painting on property is wrong.


    defacing government property in georgia is a punishable offense of up to 12 months in jail. so not only is the assailant ignorant, but also stupid as ficken sie! (p.s. german profanity is not censored on this site).

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Pink people are wilding out right now. Talk about true colors coming through. The Obama presidency has some albinos foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs.


    That makes me happy.

    God help this country if something happens to Obama, because it will be the straw that broke the camels back. Black people will only turn the cheek so many times. How many times does your oppresors have to beat you before you wrench the stick out of their hand and give them the same treatment. All the time they’re whining “Reverse racism..two wrongs don’t make a right. it’s up to YOU Kneeeee-grooowz to tolerate/understand and help us. You’re not allowed to be angry. Besides all the REAL bad stuff happened in the past.”


    This is just the beginning of the birth pains. Thanks Revelation! I know the end already! Yaaaaaay.

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Down with the albinos Deutschland ubermensch scheisse. How you going to be superior with recessive genetics anyway?


  • Old Timer

    There are powerful interest groups that don’t want health care reform in this country.

    AMA (American Medical Association) don’t want it.
    Doctors don’t want it.
    Pharmaceutical companies don’t want it.

    All of these groups give lots of money for lobbying to our politicians.

    The AMA wants to limit the number of doctors in this country to keep wages high Most of the duties that they perform, nurses and medics can be trained to do too.

    Many doctors gradute from medical school with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt so they can’t survive on 50,000- 100,000 per year.

    Pharmaceutical companies don’t want reform either. They can’t make money with $4.00 generic prescriptions.

    Bottom line, it’s about the money.

  • lala land

    @Old Timer

    Agreed. Everything is about $$$. My father has worked in the same hospital for over 20 years and he says that pharmaceutical companies are nothing but legalized drug pushers, and I can see why he say that.

    Its a shame that ignorance like this is continuing in this country.

    Im moving to Canada

  • lala land

    *why he says that

  • Rod

    At first I thought all this was about just angry White people upset about a black President but when looking at the news and seeing how people are acting over this health care issue made me see that this is nothing but the Republican party and the Lobbying Group feeding people misinformation about this plan.
    1- We have over 47 million US citizens that do not have health coverage right now and this new plan would allow all those people to have some type of coverage.
    2- This plan will not be forced on anyone. If you have insurance that you are paying for that you like then keep it, but what will you do if you are laid off an unemployeed what kind of coverage will you have then.
    3- They say there will be a death pannel that will decide you life on this plan, well don’t we have one already called INSURANCE COMPANIES that decide what they will and will not cover for you?
    4- This will not raise your current coverage cost because at best it will force the INSURANCE COMPANIES to lower their costs to you because people will now have more options.
    5- What different options have the Republican group come up with that will do so much more for all US Citizens. In the last 8 years I have not seen it.
    6- People do not want a Governtment run health plan, well right now we have Medicare, Medicade, Veterans Coverage all run by the government so this will not be anything new.
    7- They say it will cost the average US Citizen more tax money, well who do thinks pays for people who do not have insurance now that visit hospitals and clinics every day?
    8- Once people see that it is just about Insurance companies and Drug making companies losing their profit people will calm down and see this will help more US citizens than hurt.

  • newbrandofnigga

    What we have to realize as blacks in amerikka, is that no matter how much money we have, no matter how much we might be politically connected, and no matter how much we try to act or be white and try to please a lot of white people, in their eyes YOU STILL AIN’T NOTHIN’ BUT A NI@@ER it don’t matter if you in Hollywood or in the hood YOU STILL AIN’T NOTHIN’ BUT A NI@@ER, the sooner we realize that and come to reality on these terms, the sooner we will know what we need to do for each other and move on.

  • Old Timer

    Part of the problem of health care is that 20 percent of patients use 80 percent of the health care dollar.

    Everyone should be able to get a broken bone set, get your bullet wound fixed or their blood pressure or diabetes medicine.

    It’s those super expensive things that I think that people should have insurance or pay out of their pocket. Like Octomom…..her hospital bill was over a million dollars for having those eight babies that the state of California has to pick up the tab.

    The elderly sometimes spend millions of dollars on healthcare just to extend their lives by three months.

    Those people who wants transplants, experimental drugs or super duper face lifts need to pay for them or buy special insurence.

    I think that everyone should have basic medical care.

    And yes, I do know if that was me or one of my relatives, I might want some extraordinary means to save or extend my life.

    However, I am realistic enough to understand that I can’t afford it. At some point, we have to say no.

  • ValleyGirl

    Still waiting on the outrage from the Left over this fomented racially-influenced, anti_Obama, anti-Democratic (shouting down pro-healthcare speech at meetings) activity.

  • ValleyGirl

    Old Timer –
    Operations like face lifts and other *elective* and/or experimental procedures are generally not covered by any insurance and certainly would not be covered by *public option* insurance.

    Your example of Suleyman, is apt in that she chose to implant more than a reasonable amount of viable eggs. However, birthing a child is not elective. It must happen and, on occasion, multiple births would have to be covered, but that is not the norm.

    Everyone should take time out to actually read H.R. 3200, before commenting on it or making up their minds about hat is and is not included. Sadly, few will.

  • Old Timer

    I left out the operative word “free”. I think that we as American taxpayers should have free basic healthcare. If you want more, you should buy insurance for it or pay for it.

    If you had to pay for healthcare out of your pocket, doctors and hospitals couldn’t charge like they do.

    Insurance is a racket all of its own too.

  • Old Timer

    See I remember……….when doctors came to “visit” you at home and charged you $20.00.

    If you didn’t have the money, you could barter or do some yardwork.

    Almost no one had insurance.

  • Keep it Real

    Let me guess…no one saw the person that did it, right?

  • deesac

    Well my two cents I have notice since the election in Georgia rascism as diffently reared it’s ugly head.

  • http://htt./bossip dawho

    All I say is Black America U better b ready,their r hundreds of thousands of white people who hate the fact of a black president these r people who din,t vote 4 him n the first place when the lunatic right give the green light 2 attack u better b ready i,am.

  • 1st Lady

    You’re just as ingnorant as the person that sprayed the sign. There will always be BLACK FOLK so GET OVER IT and quit waisting the few brain cell you have tearing up stuff because you hate black folk AND get you and your group some help to try to cure ya’ll of that sick, mean disease you’re all dyin and will burst hell wide open for: HATE!! Please don’t teach your children to be as ignorant as you!

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