Out of Pocket: Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee Uses Her Cell During a Town Hall Meeting…

- By Bossip Staff

What phone call could be so important that TX Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee had to pick up her cell phone during a town hall meeting?

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No word from Sheila’s people but I don’t think this will be a good look for her when she recampaigns for 2010. It gets worse for Sheila as she explained a less than stellar approach to a public plan for health insurance as she offers a public plan which will allow people to lose weight without having to pay $19.99  in comparison to those programs we see on TV.  Pure comedy.

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  • Aunt Viv

    Can we set our phones to vibrate or off please?

  • high Priestess

    well good for you and your golden plan, privileged b*tch.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    Regardless how she felt about the chick talkin on the mic, that was really unprofessional and rude. Come on Sheila get it together!

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    Ewwwwwwe @ John D. Hater

  • http://www.shekeyultd.com SoCultural

    Well said drenk. Our dollars pay for her services. Cell phone usage during work time is prohibited. Dock her pay!


  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Just that single act alone would make me not want to vote for her if I lived in Texas. Politicians make strange bedfellows!

  • lt

    Not a good look, Sheila.

  • geico lizard

    This wooden negro supported Hillary Clinton in the election so President Obama should let SJL dig her own self out of this. Give the late great mahalia jackson her hairstyle back you sellout. Vote her out if you live down there.

  • Love

    Is that a fruit bowl on the top of her head?

  • iopsycho

    I used to support Sheila, but her votes on some recent issues put her in the idiot category in my book.

  • Mike


  • r

    There’s only one thing to say to Rep. Jackson:

    “Sheila, you stupid”

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    Wow, Sheila, you were completely outta line for that. That was so rude. Not only did you TAKE the call, but you proceeded to keep on talking. That was wrong – even if the woman was rambling on about sh*t you didn’t care about, you are in politics. Don’t they teach you in Poli 101 to at least “act” like you care, even if you don’t? SMDH

  • MeMe_Slim

    This is the biggest fool. She is a sin and a shame. She is not a representative of what Texas really is. She will bend which ever way the wind blows to stay in office. She fronts like she about the people. The mess she says in so insane at times, it’s ridiculous. I am not shocked.

  • MeMe_Slim

    Those who aren’t feom Texas can’t speak on what she is or isn’t. Here area is mainly black and feel they need to keep “one of ours” in office. They need to really examine HER politics.

  • MeMe_Slim

    *typo* from

  • $moK.E.Y.

    so unprofessional

  • grant

    what a ni**erish moment…way to set us back Sheila…

  • jrod

    It gets better. Check out houston’s news (chron.com). There was a grad student in there who appeared to know SJL personally, who posed as a physician and stood up in defense of Obamas healthcare plan. She has since been identified to be a fake and also a delegate to the DNC for Pres. Obama. People are now calling it a plant by the Democratic party to defend healthcare. Not looking so good for SJL.

  • Tiana

    that was pretty unprofessional. i mean, if it was a call she absolutely HAD to take she could have at least apologized and excused herself.

    as far as the health plan debate goes, no matter what they arent going to be able to please everybody all the time. the whole situation is a disaster

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Wow, that was some TNS right there.
    You guys know good and well that she was on the phone whispering, saying the following…

    “Let me get that #5…
    Yes, the fish & chips platter…
    No tartar, just ketchup…
    I saaiiiidddd NO tartar…
    Super-size it…
    With a diet coke…
    You guys have any hush puppies?…
    Throw some of those in there…
    Put the order under the name: Baskethead…
    20 minutes?…
    Okay, Imma try to get there by then…”
    *Flip phone shut*

  • charlotte

    Isn’t she one of the representatives seeking royalties paid to artists by radio stations that can possibly shut down black radio? If she is, please get her out of office Texas!

  • ibw4life

    @Bdot u funny about the hair comment but so ture lol….

  • breezy00

    Politics as Usual..

  • http://Bossip HeHaw

    Sheila jackson Lee can do no wrong down here is Houston so the rest of the world can screw off on anything negative about this Trail Blazer “Church”

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