She’s Still Got It

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Naomi continues to kill it as the face of Pinko’s Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. It appears that all of that cell phone throwing and b*tch slapping has helped to keep her in tip top shape.

View more voluptuous pics under the hood….

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  • Meil


  • Meil

    Naomi looks good. I like the outfits.

  • John

    Yeah, Naomi is looking very GOOD!!!!

  • mr mr

    Naomi just won’t quit….

    how does diddy say it, “Take that, take that…”

    Can’t stop, won’t stop..

    She looks as good today as she did 15 years ago on the catwalk…damn mama…



  • BellaY

    Her skin looks like silk..gorgeous!

  • Aphatty

    Her legs go on forever – she is most definatelt the GOAT. Crazy as hell – but GOAT none the less….

  • african king

    god-damn, my dick is hard…tap her on the forehead with and make suck it!

  • Jai

    Naomi is the queen of the catwalk, no doubt about it. These pics should have been under the title “Making It Rain on These Hoes”

  • just ice

    this should have been titled “the magic of airbrushing”.

  • Don Boogie

    Photoshop it like it’s hot!

  • A.J. from DC

    She looks AMAZING!!!! A ture model right there TYRA and her lace fronts don’t want it

  • tj

    She makes it rain on Tyrah. Now tell me if Tyrah and Naomi had a talk show on at the same time you would watch Tyra! Please. The Naomi show would blow Tyrah out the water. And that’s just church.

  • Nev

    still the best.

    most beautiful girl in the world.

  • B

    hell yeah my girl still gotta, that’s my china doll for real I love you Naomi. Second girl I wouldn’t mind…………! She’s that gorgeous to me!

  • Wondering

    She looks great! She is naturally beautiful.

  • Valenne

    naomi is so beautiful!!

  • Lili

    Ppl try to fake…Naomi is the hotness! That woman is always on point and in a league all her own.

    My all time favorite model.

  • tk

    The hotness!!

  • JaliliMaster

    This is truly the HOTTEST chick in the game. And the BADDEST!

  • William Powers

    This chick gets finer by the minute.

  • WakTakTen

    Of the original supermodels of the late eighties,Naomi is the only one still working as a model.Naomi started modeling when she was 15-years-old.And twenty years later, still going strong and looking great:through all the ups and downs.

  • ray

    black will always stand the test of time. this chick is hot hot hot. i wonder if she will ever have kids? will she risk it for her figure.

  • andie

    still got it!

    making trollops jealous all the time. yessir.

  • wink

    She is so hot. It is pardonable that she gets more than 100 winks on our site named . Her blog very popular here

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