Friends With Benefits

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Gayle King just came up big time from the death of a dog:

“Gayle King , Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, has moved into a penthouse purchased in the name of Oprah’s recently departed pooch, Sophie. According to deed-transfer records released yesterday, a company called Sophie’s Penthouse LLC bought a $7.1 million full-floor sky palace atop the 36-floor building at 207 E. 57th St…… It has three bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, a large living room/dining area, and a 768-square-foot wraparound terrace.”

Damn, it pays to have friends in high places, right Gayle? “Friends with Benefits”, indeed. Look we all know what time it is folks. It’s high time these two stop playing the role (or is it?). Discuss….


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    1??? FAW


    Is Gail sick?

  • justme


  • Noodles

    wow. Wish I had rich friends.

    But for real, for real, Oprah said that Gayle would loan her ANYTHING before she became rich so she’s a true friend. (Oprah said that Gayle loaned her underwear a loooooong time ago). I actually think that Gayle had a little bit of money first.

  • justme

    i mean 4th


    How do you really spell her name? Cause I call The Game…Gayme…are they doing the same?

  • JZ


  • SB


    have u not heard of ellen degeneres (white lesbian, bit of an uproar when she came out, ring any bells?)

    but this situation is a little suspect…

  • num1dominicano

    Gayle looks like Arsenio Hall…

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Gay or not when u got “Oprah Money” u can buy ur friends whatever the hell u want.

  • mjoylaw

    They are not gay..and obviously for someone in Oprah’s position to have a REAL FRIEND for all these years is PRICELESS!!! She can buy her anything she wants to, they are not lesbians. They are just true homies from waaaay back in the day. We should be celebrating Oprah’s loyalty and obviously she knows how to maintain her relationships and keep good ppl in her camp; we should learn something from her and stop tearing her down, damn!

  • blackpreneur

    ======== ======

  • andie

    Why can’t a successful black woman have another black female friend?

    Why are black women always looking for ways to position themselves against each other?

    They are good friends and obviously some women wouldn’t recognize what real female friends look like.

  • cha chi

    Just friends nothing more or less, when you are in such status as Oprah you have to keep real friends close. So why not show her love?

  • I'm Just Me

    I don’t know or care if she is gay i wish one of my friends would hook a sister up like that. Awesome!!

  • awake


    Why can’t a successful black woman have another black female friend?

    Why are black women always looking for ways to position themselves against each other?

    They are good friends and obviously some women wouldn’t recognize what real female friends look like.


    Why can’t it be that this is her best friend, nothing more?

  • outtapocket

    why is it EVERY time two women are very close friends, men want to call them gay?

  • Kingston

    It wouldnt surprise me if Oprah was infact GAY shes been through alot of trauma with men been abused etc

  • Britney

    Successful black woman can meet another black female friend at, where i uploaded my pic there, are you there too?

  • Lavatorylady

    I do not believe this means anything. I totally agree with MJOYLAW. When you are in Oprah’s position, you never know who is real. Gayle was her friend from the beginning and $7 mil is chump change when you’re a billionaire.

    Last…people it is not a BLACK THING and certainly not a BLACK WOMAN thing to tear another person down. White celebrities do deal with all kinds of sick rumors. Humans love to tear at each other (some not all), so stop trying to claim everything negative as a black thing. To me, that means you believe in black inferiority. We are human…no less.

  • Lavatorylady

    Kingston: going through drama with men does not make a person gay. Otherwise I’d be gay too and I’m not. Gay means you enjoy having sex with people of the same sex and I don’t care what kind of drama I have been through, it has never made me want to sleep with another woman.

    PUH_LEASE!!! That’s a cop out people use because they are afraid to accept themselves.

  • White_Chick

    I wanna be Oprah’s friend!!!!! Sign me up!!!

  • Just a Thought

    I hope y’all see how Oprah is pimping the shell company to purchase a house. She is probably listing the new house as the headquarters for the company she created. Rich people do all kinds of stuff to protect their paper. It’s just a bonus if they can do a favor for a long-term friend.

    I never thought Oprah was gay. She probably will never play the doormat for a man, which will scare away 99% of men (with their fragile @ss egoes), so she will always have that suspicion hanging over her.

  • earthadc

    I have loyal friends going back to high school and elementary school. If I could I would gift them with multimillion pads too. Oprah is one of the few black people with money who gives to everybody. Her generosity is legendary. I only wish I had it like that because my friends who are sisters to me would never lack for anything.

  • Ms Sippi

    I don’t care what nobody say, these breezies are lovers. I mean, it dont take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Oprah has isues with men. Most women I know who are addamit about not having children are lesbos. Stedman is the paid boyfriend. She talk more about Gayle than Stedman. Oprahs is becoming a little too detached from her African American audience. We supported her before white middle class America recognized her. I use to be one of her biggest fans until about six months ago. The more I watch her show the more I feel that they are geared toward her Caucasian audiance. I reaaly use to love Oprah but, I cannot defend her anymore. She love gay people as if she wish she had the balls to come out. She look at black men like they aint sh*t. Point and case: Diddy when he was on the show. I know he don’t have an impecable reputation but still, he is our black brother and you can’t blame him because women let him screw over them. Oprah just need to keep it real and stop trying to be who white America want her to be. I use to love Oprah we are both from Mississippi but this brawd is out of sinc with the African American Community and has had a longterm relationship with Gayle.

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