*Update*: Who is She Trying to Fool with that Plastic… Coco Says Her Donk is 100% Authentic

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday we told ya’ll that Coco claims that her body is 100% natural except for her breastasses… Now of course we didn’t believe this chick but after some searching… Look what popped up…

Pop it for the Inflated Coco

This flat booty chick looks just like Coco with them weird looking eyes. If you beg to differ… let us know!!!!

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  • We Got Vick

    Well if thats her, she still has something, just not as big

  • And thats real

    I don’t care if its fake or real … its NICE tho

  • And thats real

    @ Gmommy
    No no sweetie your very much mistaken … she paying ice t’s bills.
    Hes been pimpin her, from the gate lol facts

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax

    Why does this matter? If it’s real, okay. If it’s fake, okay. She’s not the first to have a butt job and she won’t be the last. I’m still trying to figure out why this is even a story.

  • DirtySir

    Looks real to me. I’d love to give it further inspection though for quality assurance. Even if it is enhanced, she wouldn’t be the first woman to do it and plenty of black women have had it done too. But from what I remember from past pics of her back-in-the-day, she always had a nice a$$. Being in the adult-themed part of the industry she’s in, maybe she did pump it up a bit or hit the Haagen-Daz aisle for a few weeks. That’s understandable but I bet Ice-T ain’t complaining. Real or enhanced it still feels the same.

  • APHIA Man

    i dont care…ill eat it. nuff said

  • gmommy

    @click me

    *sigh* another self-hating negro.

  • ifloyd615

    I beg to differ that chick in the Leopard print isn’t Coco you can see a younger Coco http://globalgrind.com/content/902690/The-Controversial-Coco-Booty/ and she still has something in the 18 year old picture. And after 12 years later its bigger. But as it goes with women after age, child birth, and heavy working out her booty is different than it once was. Man quit hating SHE CAN GET IT.Ice T is a lucky man to chop that down nightly.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    She already said she got enhancements..must have been after that picture

  • Shay

    Who cares about this ladies butt? Why must we have to go over this everyday?

  • bossip bs

    wow who knew?!?! *sarcasm*

  • lol

    wow love it

  • bettancourt

    BTW: Kim K. should take notes on Coco’s dimple-free thighs as well. 🙂

  • Nope

    That other woman looks nothing like her



  • bettancourt

    @ I AM LEGEND:


  • Hobo

    Her parents must be proud of her, one day Coco will wake up and realize how she has shamed herself.
    Money makes us all do stupid things, but at least make an attempt to keep your pride.

  • Yep

    @Nope but Boo Boo that IS her. so now what?

  • Miss Mention

    @ its6am…. I don’t hate her and I think Kim K is gorgeous with a very unique look I personally wouldn’t put her and Coco in the same catagory but oh well you did that. Anywoo, the topic is about an Azz clearly that clearly has silicone implants that is my comment. It doesn’t mean I hate her. I actually think her surgeon did a great job. Now I am wondering what is wrong wit some of ya’ll eyes that can’t seem to see a surgical procedure here but then I remember white women are ya’ll cryptonite so I guess the eye sight is the first thing affected….

  • Scorpion

    @I AM LEGEND ( Raiders Will Make The Playoffs This Year)

  • http://bossip.com !cassidy!

    i seriously think “i am legend” is a fat, gay, white man. lol.

  • Some need to seek medical attention

    @Kigali (Sanjor’s Little Helper)

    Self hate is an ugly thing. Go get help.

  • always knew

    @kigali- eat a giant d-ck.

    you are one of the main people afflicted with tunnel vision…

    your SUBMISSION to SUBJUGATION/self-hate astounds me…but not really..I already know how low class, you/ Marquis are…

    Mothers – wonderful or not are NOT determined to be good mothers by SKIN COLOR, you only can see wrong with blk women…

    My 4 year old son has a better vocabulary and more respect for himself, than you ever will…

    ” Black females arent wonderful mothers. Their sons cant even graduate high school and her high are high risk.”

    The above statement makes no sense, must be you having flashbacks about your own mother/ or lack there of… 🙂

    Stil mad aboutbeing stuck behind a computer, trying to get people mad to ‘up’ your numbers…What a loser…Somebodies got to work he low-paying jobs, why not you? And they say Americans wont work…

    Have you/ marquis graduated yet? Will you ever? For all the discord, that you try to cause, it seems like they would give you a small raise…

    Do you know what Westpoint / the Hill are? I didn’t think so…

    I am a married blk woman, I love both my boys, and husband, damn right they will be at only performing private schools, then on to training for real life…Westpoint/ Hill in Pennsylvania. We don’t take care/ teach ,ours right?

    Flashbacks from your abusive childhood are killing you…Did you ever get your mother locked up or the neglect? Or you just walk around with it and hate on the internet, all day everyday for years, while working a dead end job, complaining?

    LOSER 🙂

  • Some need to seek medical attention

    @ cassidy.

    I think “i am legend” is an fugly dark skinned guy.

  • truth be told (the original)

    I meant are ‘NOT’ fantasy material… Think about it

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