Mo’Nique Says Sex Better Now That She’s 40lbs Lighter… Uh-Oh the Big Girls Done Lost One

- By Bossip Staff

Mo’Nique, the Big Girls’ ambassador, has gone skinny. She lost 40lbs and wants to lose more, weighing now at 220lbs. She says it wasn’t for looks, it was for her health but she also added that sex is better and she can move better. For Mo’Nique… Skinny + Sex=Life is Great!!!

“The sex is better! I have so much more energy. I can move around better, and that’s what it’s all about. I want to lose more, so I’ll just keep eating better and exercising, and the weight will come off. It took time to put in on, and it will take time to take it off. It’s still okay to be big, but let’s be big and healthy. I had to lose some weight to get healthier because I want to be around for a while. I have twin sons who are 3 and a son who is 19, and I want the opportunity to meet their children.”

On October 5th, Mo’Nique’s talk show airs on B.E.T. It seems everyone is trying to get healthy these days. Do you think she will inspire others and they will follow her or will the Big Girl Coalition turn against her???

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  • ..*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsModoe*..

    first. why cause now she could actually ride him and he wont just touch the surface.

  • sophia

    no i wish i had that willpower if i lost 40 lbs i would be a bad bi*tch …

  • O_KNow

    FUCC monique .. acting like being fat is cute .. any fat chick does not want to be fat, just lacks self control and will to diet, eat right and work out. It kills me, once they get tired of all that extra weight and belly rolls, they loose some weight then try to back track and take back all the anti skinny talk lol .. shes a hypocrite encouraging women to be unhealthy but then lost weight to protect her health. Also, lets clear one thing up monique is not fat, or overweight this trick is MORBIDLY OBESE .. 40 lbs lighter and still MORBIDLY OBESE.

  • Yvonne

    I like Mo’Nique but NOW she wants to get healthy when…what was it…last year when she was saying wasn’t nothing wrong with being big. Wasn’t she healthy then?

    Mmmmmmm I wonder did it have anything to do with her hubby telling her to lose weight and not so much for health reasons?

  • SweepTheLeg

    which pictures is the “skinny” version..she looks fat and ugly either way….be serious

  • me

    After losing 40 pounds she is still a big girl.

  • truth be told (the original)

    @ Ho sit down

    Honestly, she is still obese but she’s improving. She should be commended

    @ Monique… 40 more pounds and I’ll have to say welcome to the ‘bent like a pretzel’ club.

  • Inglewoodhustle

    I have to add…

    If she admitted she was NOT a “jolly” fat girl back in the day, (that she was unhappy)her career would have never taken off. Who would find a comedian with low self esteem funny? Guess she had to front in order to get Big Girl support and further her career.

    Met her once before..she seemed very nice and down to Earth.

  • truth

    so there’s less nique now, good for her!

  • ..*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsModoe*..

    fat women are in.WHAT YALL TALKING BOUT? its 2009,just like like skinned brothers went outta slim and thick women are going outta style.slim and thick women come a dime a dozen.large,healthy women are hard to find and are more fun

  • Symone

    Congrats on the weight loss Monique!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad she is finally losing weight and no longer glorifying being obese.

  • Chocolateduchess

    @ Everbody she still can’t were anything out of BeBe’s or Black/White…. She still big… about a size 14/16. She has a ways to go to be skinny.

  • lisa

    I’m sorry but 220 is not skinny

  • Wanjiru®

    Wow, THAT is 40 lbs lighter?!?!?


    Well, I hope she’s also discovered the joys of shaving/waxing that unsightly bodily hair. 😦


  • Zetaprime

    Being obese is unhealthy regardless of whether you’re ‘happy’ being that way. Nature never intended the human frame to carry that much weight. So losing weight is the best thing she could do for herself, and from the photo it certainly seems that she could afford to lose another 75 or so. Exercise, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t help you lose weight (read the latest Time magazine for more info). It’s all in what you eat and how much you eat.



  • SMH

    People up here are ignorant. Perhaps maybe she decided to lose because she had a health risk because of her weight. So while she might have said she enjoyed being big, maybe there were reasons for her weight loss. And maybe her whole anti-skinny thing was her own self-consciousness and she didn’t know who to go about losing weight. Look at Kirstie Alley, she lost weight on Jenny Craig and gained it right back. So you never know her reasons for her about face and her reason for hating on skinny girls.

    SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE. I’m pretty sure most of ya’ll are hipocrits about something. So stop the name calling.

    I’m happy she decided to get with the program and lose weight.

  • bet

    Skinny people think it is OK when they are doing the name-calling and ridiculing. But they can’t stand it when the shoe is on the other foot. As long as you are calling her names, you are no better than she is.

  • acerbase

    Big girls done lost one? her azz is stillover 200 pounds. She still big.

  • Eva

    @ bet and SMH


    Shame she couldn’t have lost weight in that melon head of hers.

  • Three Cheers for Monique

    Monique looks beautiful. Why? because she is living a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier and exercising more, that makes anyone look and feel better! Only a fool (insecure or confident) would Hate on a woman for starting to eat and exercise.

  • ATL Chick

    she is still big and it’s funny b/c all of my big friends LOVED her b/c they all wanted to be slimmer but were too lazy to do anything about it so they just hated on fit chicks … i’m glad she’s losing weight and admitting that being that big is NOT healthy. i don’t care how happy you are being big, diabetes and heart disease are not cute! you can still have your treats just PLEASE do it in moderation people and don’t hate on the chick with abs b/c TRUST she worked hard for them! HMPH!!!

  • Prettywhitegirl

    Black women and Obesity are like car and petrol.

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