WTF: Men in Afghanistan Are Allowed by Law to Starve Their Wives if They Are Not Giving Them Enough Sex

- By Bossip Staff

This is some crazy ish right here:

An Afghan bill allowing a husband to starve his wife if she refuses to have sex has been published in the official gazette and become law.

The original bill caused outrage earlier this year, forcing Afghan President Hamid Karzai to withdraw it. But critics say the amended version of the law remains highly repressive. They accuse Mr. Karzai of selling out Afghan women for the sake of conservative Shia support at next week’s presidential election. The law governs family life for Afghanistan’s Shia minority.

Sexual demands

The original version obliged Shia women to have sex with their husbands every four days at a minimum, and it effectively condoned rape by removing the need for consent to sex within marriage. Western leaders and Afghan women’s groups were united in condemning an apparent reversal of key freedoms won by women after the fall of the Taliban. Now, an amended version of the same bill has passed quietly into law with the apparent approval of President Karzai. Just ahead of this Thursday’s Afghan presidential election, human rights groups suggest the timing is no accident. “There was a review process – Karzai came under huge pressure from all over the world to amend this law, but many of the most oppressive laws remain,” Rachel Reid, the Human Rights Watch representative in Kabul, told the BBC.

“What matters more to Karzai is the support of fundamentalists and hardliners here in Afghanistan whose support he thinks he needs in the elections.” Women’s groups say its new wording still violates the principle of equality that is enshrined in their constitution. It allows a man to withhold food from his wife if she refuses his sexual demands; a woman must get her husband’s permission to work; and fathers and grandfathers are given exclusive custody of children.

SMH. No words for that…


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  • Hannibals Dad

    First beoch

  • Khristal


  • Cynthia

    Reasons like that make me so proud to be an American!

  • Chris Partlow (Dont Fret Boss. I Got U Covered. Quick & Clean, I Promise)

    give that @ss up and they wont have nuffin to worry about!!!

  • cruzan trini


  • liyah76

    dayum thank god i live in the west i would’ve died by now. he he

  • tb

    Those women are dumb. If they start beating the breaks of them men…they will know to treat them as equals.

  • Whatever

    They should make that law in the US…then maybe America would not have an obesity problem…


    I’m not surprised shit. If they are allowed to do honor killings and stone a women to death for dumb shit. starving them is nothing surprising.

  • Kim Anderson

    Different strokes for different folks!


    SAD.. God Bless America! We enjoy some many freedoms but take them for granted.

  • cruzan trini


  • Jade Silver

    @ Curzan trini… LOL. You can cook it but you can’t eat it. That should sort you out.

  • JB ($80 for his jersey? THere goes my electric bill!!)

    cruzan trini


    If it’s not that great, then why not leave and go somewhere like that? Hell Cuba is only 90 miles away. I am sure a Haitian will gladly trade places with you.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    **nods head in approval**

    Take note America. Afghanistan, a country that gets it right.

  • Re

    Not surprised…

  • Angee

    I see this thread has some comedy in it 😆 Thanks to MAM, 6, and PM or were you guys serious?!?!


    Hello, how was your trip? You look really cute in your gravie.

  • T

    its crazy to see the all the “jokes” in this forum. crazy how nothing matters until it directly affects you. injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere….nothing is funny about this is 2009. extremely sad….

  • Angee


  • Moreaces

    It’s terrible but this kind of backwards thinking, still applies to a lot of issues here in the US, A lot of Americans, are just as ignorant and backwards in their thinking

  • shut up black men! colored turds

    other race of men love black women strenghts thats being a smart woman with a degree speaking our minds. but get this thes other races of men are real men they will give you want you need and want and be a good husband and father.

  • the truth and nothing but

    i wonder what genius ways afghan men will devise to oppress women next, what what what?? thank goodness for the freedoms and liberties in my country. though i do like the strict respect that they demand from their women and how their women are objects of honour instead of objects of desire.

  • shut up black men! colored turds

    arab men are one of them who love the way black women is.

  • Richard

    @Shut up black men

    No one loves a mouthy woman. It’s a myth only u believe. It’s our worse sterotype.

    And please Pookie….stop moving your neck.

  • Richard

    The sad part about this is that 70% of the world thinks this way.

    And why aren’t u sleeping with your husband but expect him to continue to feed yo azz?

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