NeNe Has New Book… So Kim Snitches That NeNe Is Getting Chopped Down By an NFL Player!?

- By Bossip Staff

This is the dude that is chopping down NeNe, supposedly, Charles Grant. Horse mouth NeNe was woofing on Bravo with the homo host when Kim Zolciak called in and righted some wrongs. The funny thing is, NeNe is supposedly cheating and over talks Kim because there is some truth in her statements.

Kim claims that NeNe’s car was repossessed at Home Depot and all of her homes are rented. NeNe claims that Kim used to be a stripper at Magic City (she was a stripper at club Cheetah in Atlanta) and went by the name Barbie.  Kim claims NeNe is cheating on her husband Greg with NFL player Charles Grant.

Pop the top to watch and isten to their whole argument. (It’s a must see)

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  • I love my husband Bo

    For some reason she is starting 2 look better

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!




  • mscreative

    Wow NeNe is too much….close yo legs and close yo mouth!…lol…Kim better back down, NeNe whip da ass..LOL so funny

  • I'm Just Me

    She called her a trash box!

    Close your legs and close your mouth. This is hilarious! It really is. But everyone seems to have problems with NeNe. She is so sloppy and messy!

    She does need to shut up though. She is always overtalking someone!

  • Bdot

    Andy: “Kim who are you in the Bahamas with?”
    NeNe: “Somebody’s husband”
    Kim: “…”

  • Divine


    Andy: “Kim who are you in the Bahamas with?”
    NeNe: “Somebody’s husband”
    Kim: “…”

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    How many people tune in (a) just to get a laugh at the new-money wannabes (b) deluded that these latter-day Beverly Hillbillies represent upscale Atlantans.

    All those wives of high-end lawyers, doctors, executives and old-money types in the ATL must get a hoot looking at these damn pretenders.

  • Mannie

    NeNe IS probally sleeping on her husband SOME, black woman these days are no goog anyway.

  • JK

    This show is pure entertainment. However, none of these broads really have any money, or are actually housewives, except for maybe Lisa.

  • $moK.E.Y.

    when 6am talks about down south folks Nene is the perfect picture of this

  • mzsweetface

    I guess Kim is going to tell it all after that comment Nene made on the reunion. “Close your legs to married men,” the dude she’s creeping with may not be married but Nene is no better for cheating. I actually like Nene though.

  • chi-boogie

    chickens will always come to roost. glad I left the south when I did.

  • JK

    Man its chickens everywhere not just in the South.

  • Housewives Nene and NFLer Charles Grant an Item? | Chicago Fabulous Blog

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  • http://bossip DC

    I like Kim she is the under dog on the show and the only one that still have her home with a marry man or with out him but see you are all black women (BLK) that love the trash of BLW.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    Loves it….
    I hate reality TV, but this show is hilarious!

  • http://Bossip MissRepresenta

    LMFAO @ Trash Box!

  • MissChoklate

    Wow all I can say the show exudes complete fakeness on all levels. Although I do like NeNe but she can tend to be rude, when she told that skinny girl she is going to get her a sandwich asnd when the girl said something back Nene acted shocked. Dang Nene your rude sometimes and if it was edited that way they made you look a troublemaker. Anyway the fued with Kim and Nene is funny. Kim is holding her own though but they are crazy on this show and its very entertaining.

  • Marie

    ROTFLMAO. I mean really…I wish they would just handle it in private because all they are doing is embarrassing their families.

  • Sloppy Seconds are for Losers

    NeNe and Kim are 2 of a kind= loud, tacky and ignorant beyond belief.

    Sheree is living in a dream world.

    Lisa and Ed seem so fake to me.

    The baby boy that Lisa and Ed have, is the BEST thing on the show.

  • Mrs.MeToo

    Team Kim, Team Kim- its ashame how one woman has to hate on another- D@mn NeNe you’re single handedly taking educated, profesonal, sassy black women back

  • Hannibals Dad


  • Linda

    Can’t wait until Aug. 20th!!! LMAO

  • free

    kim is starting to look better in every episode. is it any wonder why all the BROKE housewives are acting shady with kim? i doubt if kandi has a problem with kim and neither did deshawn. why? because those two actually have something to fall back on and the other three are living hand to mouth.

    NENE, WE ALREADY KNOW KIM MESSES WITH A MARRIED MAN. HIS WIFE DIDN’T DIVORCE HIM SO IT MUST WORK FOR ALL THREE OF THEM. he’s keeping kim on point–house paid, cars paid, jewelry paid, clothes paid, etc. kim was the only one who purchased something at that whack *ss fundraiser.

    nene, your game is raggedy, your clothes are trashy, your house is empty, and i thought your book was supposed to be about battered spouses or whatever but it just seems to be whack too.

  • What in the World

    Well Nene is loud; however it was her interview so why exactly did Kim have to call in? 5 minutes of fame and more reunion ratings

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