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  • Dominique


  • Duane

    Hahahaha….she’s dancing infront of those kids. Gotta love Brazil and that chick is hot as hell. How do you say in Portuguese…You have a beautiful booty?? and My penis would like to marry your vagina?

  • So What U Sayin'?

    Oh damn…that’s just wrong to dance like that in front of those kids.

    But Duane…I’m with you, she is hot!! And I’m a chick but her body is so sick!

  • So What U Sayin'?

    And Thandie owned that guy!


  • homie

    It doesn’t seemed as though the kids were phased by the body parts. At that age, I wasn’t thinking about the body parts. But now when I look at my second grade class pictures, my teacher, Ms. Samuels-OMG!!! Whoever was hittin’ that.

  • you know

    Sooo was she dancing or working out? Or was her dance the workout? I was a little shocked by the kids but they didn’t seem phased like it was nothing new to them. One little boy was even mimicking her so whatever. She does have a nice body but her moves could use some work. On second thought she’s not making money off her dance skills so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

  • soulwoman

    CTFU, she can’t dance for ish. Nice legs though.

  • Dolla Bill

    Andressa Soares has a nice culo….LOL @ the boys dancing in the background.

  • HereIambaby

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  • lily green

    In addition, i want to inform you that someone here is keeping saying you are seeking a sugar baby on recently.. maybe you need to stop the slurring!

  • justmoi

    I have to agree with you ‘so what you saying?’

    I’m a girl too, but it has to be said that girl has got a mean body!

  • Misty Knight



    her ass is uncalled for

  • Keisha

    that body is the bizzness [no homo] and yeah, those kids couldn’t care less, those gay little boys were just trying to steal some moves, that’s all .. but damn that body .. again, [no homo] 😆

  • dEs

    not a stripper. her name is Andressa Soares. She’s a dancer with Mc Creu–sort of the Brazilian version of 2 Live Crew. search for her on youtube–she has a ton of videos.

  • SoSo

    her body is sick but she is stiff and I dont see that ass moving like it should be

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