Some Morning Swirl

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s one of our favorite swirly couples on the cover of Elle Spain. This was an appropriate pose for Heidi Klum this time, it hides her disorder, Nassatall.

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  • uptowngirl

    Love it.

  • LaSabre84

    Am second! I think they look great together!

  • LaSabre84

    Dame shame I have to wake up sooooooo early in the morning to post a comment!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Cute picture…nice swirl couple.

  • Bird

    Seal is soooooo dreamy. Heidi is a lucky girl.

  • Mavis

    They look so exotic together!

  • Anon08

    It looks so soft and loving. What a beautiful photo! The matching white outfits and the sunlight in the back are perfect accents for them. They must be writing a book about marriage soon, with all these covers and interviews they’ve been doing lately.

  • intenzemocha

    beautiful couple-love the pic!

  • da darkness

    seal when you gonna stop always wearing that damn white? it’s a nice flick. clearly, the cover has some photoshop editing, but go head


    They look nice…love “pops of the page”…in my Tyra voice

  • Throw Back'87

    better than that Lebron James cover



  • for-fun

    nice swirl couple…

  • Corree

    The cover looks nice. Nothing wrong with a little swirl. I bet not too many sistas were checking for him anyway, not able to get past the exterior to see what he’s all about. Tyra pretended his looks didn’t bother her, but clearly they did, IMO.

  • That Girl

    I am loving this pic…What a great couple.

  • Aoki Lee

    finally a black man marries a white woman with HER OWN money!

    Seems like only time white girls marry/date black men are when the brothas are rich!

  • autumn


  • relaxed

    I really love seeing these 2 in pictures, they always look like they genuinely care about one another. 🙂




    The crow and the dove. ha-ha

  • HCR Bandit


  • Trini Chica in BK

    I just love them as a couple! So genuine

  • And...

    Did anybody see them on Oprah…it was a tear jerker. He was adopted by a nice family, Heidi is seriously in love w/him.

    It’s nice to see a couple that is in love w/no pretense about it.

    We know why several of these couples are together and only get caught out shopping or at a damned party (sans children).

    “Hey, where are your kids!!!”

  • pam

    Heidi has most of the money in that relationship. She is a brand name all to herself.

  • White_Chick

    Its a lovely photo…

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