Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Nate Dogg

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

“Z” lister Nate Dogg was sentenced to 3 years probation yesterday after pleading guilty to punching his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. It’s a good thing that he will also be required to complete a ‘wife beatin’ treatment program, and he’s prohibited from owning any weapons.

Maybe that stroke has him on his contemplation, or at the very least, it’ll put his thug ass on hold for a minute.


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  • jojo

    Damn Nate!! Strokes are supposed to make you calmer! not go beatin ya wifey.

  • jojo

    Lets hope Nate doesn’t have a heart attack he might go on a shooting spree.


    How is Nate Dogg A “z listr”? He is the OG of the T-Pain’s…not cool on the DV side…

  • Anon08

    So he punched his ex-girlfriend? Or did he punch his ex-girlfriend’s boyfreind?

  • kb1908


    good one!

  • Bird


    I like T-Pain, but I have to disagree with you. Nate Dogg can actually sing and has absolutely nothing in common with T-Pain. He has a select group of artists that he does hooks for while T-Pain is all over the place.

    Anywho, people better know that karma is real. I hope that stroke (which occurred after the assuault) was an eye opener for him.

  • Bird

    For those asking, Nate Dogg broke into his ex-girl’s house and punched her new boyfriend.


    @ Bird…

    I should have made myself more clear…Nate Dogg is the OG “Hook KING”…classics…you got it Mama!!!

  • smoke

    Another insecure homosexual

  • Keif K

    I probably would have did the same…check out my new music at

  • The Future

    Z lister LMAO!!!!

  • Bush

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