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Teyana Taylor hit up the launch of MAC Cosmetics new line last night wearing that same god-awful dress the Danity Kane’s D Woods wore to their album release party last week. There must have been a memo on this one that stated must rock with sneakers.

Whose swag are you feelin’ the most in this one???

More images from the MAC event:

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  • jojo

    Looks like Big Bird threw up on her.

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    Teyana.. she’s always been adventurous like that,.. that gurl from danity kane jus wanted to b seen

  • Nubianne Queen

    Teyana-loves her hair- but that dress on both of them- not a good look!

  • BubbaGoose

    “There must have been a memo on this one that stated must rock with sneakers.” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Whatever with those two and the dress with tennis shoes…?

    Vanessa and Angela looking great, as always.

  • victory is mine

    teyana taylor because this is more her style…i guess it could be called skater/chic…

  • SoSo

    teyana, i hate d woods hairstyle

  • da darkness


  • Faith

    That dress is ugly as hell. It should be burned and never seen again. Can’t comment on who rocked it better because they both look a hot mess

  • Bird

    Uhhh, well Teyana’s sneakers are cuter and the look actually works for her since she is a teenager. D. Woods looks like a fool and she is too old to be trying to be Sneaker Girl.


    They are too cut or me…

  • ajin

    vanessa and angela are both boring as hell. they need stylists.

    teyana rocked it better.

  • M

    I like teyana and d. woods, and i personally like clothes that are not really “in style” or trendy, but that thing looks hideous on both of them!! And the sneakers make it look worse…i’m all for having fun with fashion, but SHEESH!

    oh yea, is that Nina Sky, where the hell have they been? somebody please let me know!


    The dress looks like dead Pigeon

  • BlackGirlLost

    Teyana looks better in the dress…it’s more her style and at least her shoes are black AND white…and she fills out the dress better…the Danity Kane chick is letting the dress wear her.

  • Did She Say THAT!

    D Woods, leave the Forever 21 trends to teens. Thanks in advance

  • jusplayit04

    Who is Teyana Taylor?

  • Lady Architect

    I can’t stand that sneaker with the dress look. It is hideous and kills the high fashion look. Leave the tomboy attitudes home for just a sec and put on a pair of shoes that compliment the dress please.

  • CapeMayCourtHouse4lyfe!

    TEYANA TAYLOR!! She is getting ready to BLOW UP and get REAAAAL FAMOUS! I CALLED IT FIRST!

  • CapeMayCourtHouse4lyfe!

    TEYANA TAYLOR!! She is getting ready to BLOW UP and get REAAAAL FAMOUS! I CALLED IT FIRST!

  • csquared

    The corny stylist stole that look from whoever dresses the Brittish singer Lily Allen.

  • Shavon Denise

    I like Teyana Taylor style because she mixes the B-girl with the high fashion, she’s so original I just hope for hip hops sake she comes out with some good music cuz us female MC’s need a chick to bring it. But D.Woods is quickly becoming the baddest chick in the urban music game. She has her ghetto hair cut and I’ve heard at least half a dozen rappers comment about how hot she is. I love her swag as well so I guess I dont have a vote.




  • for-fun


  • HCR Bandit

    Teyana is a butch lesbian in the making. I can’t stand this chick! her 15mins of fame on Sweet Sixteen was a disgusting display of black folks trying (desperately) to keep up w/ the Jones. Absolutely ridiculous. Shoes & sneakers? I’m sorry but it’s NOT a good look. Not in my world!

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