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These are the new promotional pics of Mariah Carey. The words ANOREXIA and AIRBRUSH come to mind. She was lookin’ mad chunky a minute ago. But “Mimi 40-Something” is working it again; but we must ask, how long until another Dr. 90210 touch up??

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  • mr mr

    Mariah looks FAKE AS HELL in this promo pic…

    more power to her tho…

    hope she not the next AUNT VIV


    PHOTOSHOP…skinty arse legs…

  • Bird

    I saw an interview with Maraiah recently and she said that label made her lose weight. She said she prefers to be thicker, but has to do what they want.

  • HCR Bandit

    Mariah’s doing her thing this time around. She’s everywhere!! But what’s really good w/ her Da Brat???!

  • da darkness

    she got a hot record the one with t-pain dat is some fire


    i was bout to say!!! i knew she didnt look like that. maybe thats her motivation.

  • lala

    lmao that is so not her body hahaha omg this girl is funny as hell

  • Aoki Lee

    I know Mariah lost weight & all but her body don’t look like THAT!!! PHOTOSHOPPING needs to stop folks going crazy with it now.

    Mariah’s legs are long but no where Naomi Cambell status & in this pic her legs rival Naomi & we all know that AINT TRUE!

  • Milio

    I love her, but I am not feeling the airbrush stuff. Besides, she keep it up, it’s going to give Jermaine ideas

  • SoSo

    mimmi looks like a mannequin

  • Blacksmith

    This is the cartoon version of Mariah?

    She said her trainer moved in with her and makes her stick to her diet and exercise regimen.

  • checkoutmystatus

    Photoshopin been around forever, stop complaining lol. Yall just up on it now.

  • checkoutmystatus

    Did ya’ll hear the remix of her new joint with the dream & Ricky Ross, dat shyt iz fire!

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    It’s a nice photo. It would’ve been better without all of the photoshopping done. She kind of looks like a robot. It’s so airbrushed that her left kneecap is missing.

  • beautiful b


  • w.w.

    super touched up and she still looks a mess

  • Scarlett

    She is not 40-something, she’ll be 38 tomorrow. Happy early bday, MiMi.

  • $moK.E.Y.

    I love MIMI

    ….but this is a shot in the dark from what she looks like.

    She loves her some serious photo shopping and airbrushing, YESSSSIR


    24 HOURS…

  • Rashad

    I know, right. Mariah is bronze as f#ck! Got her looking like Mannequin Carey. Her peoples have been fuxing up her photos lately though. Too much editing.

  • Marsha

    Does she really believe she looks like this????

    Why are all her pics photoshopped to the death…I guess thats how she likes

  • MzTee

    OH HELL NAW…MC ain’t never been that small even when she first came out with “Vision of Love.” Her record label is off da hinges for trying to fool folks into believing that Mimi looks like this — stop the madness.

  • JAD

    I am sick of her fake behind. Give it up Mariah.

  • Sweetness

    @ Trusted Source

    So, let me get this straight…a person can’t be “impressive” unless they’re tied down and spitting out babies? This woman is hella rich, hella talented, amd hella famous. So which one is more impressive; singing to sold out crowds or playing hop scotch. U are the one who needs to “get real”.

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