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Check out the trailer for Angel Lola Luv’s upcoming movie, and we use that term “movie” loosely, “Crazy Like A Fox”. No comment.

Click Here to watch yet another ridiculous video from a big booty broad.

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    1stYAhh trick!!


    this movie better show her ass oiled up and naked

  • Anon08

    I think she should act in nigerian movies. This movie looks low budget.

  • Jd

    LMAO. “Crazy Like A Fox”……

  • Blind3rdEye


  • http://www.myspace.com/mistikay GreenEyedDiva


    That is a hot-D Movie SHAME!!

  • http://jamesthornskatyisd.org cogic man

    Why Lord! Why Lord! coming to a theater near YOU? who would pay to go see this movie?

  • whatitis

    What the HELL is this???

  • iluvprada

    This movie looks LAME! Angel Lola Luv’s can’t act! Now if she was looking to make it big then she should stick 2 taking her clothes off! I hate to say it…but some people aren’t mean’t 4 the big screen!

  • New Orleans Stand Up!!!

    WTF??? The movie is low budget, but thats now the problem. A lot of low budget movies are good. The problem is that she can not act. Angel may as well finish sticking her ass in the air because that is all she will ever be successful in….

  • Ameerah

    Lmao…@ the Nigerian movies comment….I was thinking the same….Although even Nigerian movies look more interesting than this at the moment…

  • Princess

    Oh pleazzzzzzz, This mess is embarrassing!

  • Divababy

    Damn I didn’t think anybody could act worse than Beyonce but I was wrong!!! Chick needs to take some acting lessons!!! That booty will only get you so far, keep up with the mags and videos thats your bread and butter, the only time she should open her mouth is for the money shot.

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    Beyonce, isn’t that bad! I like her! She is ok! I’ve seen worse!

  • jusplayit04

    I didn’t say the chick could act….I just said looks like she can take a Dick.

  • Sam

    please Str8 to video!!

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    ATTENTION Video Hoes & Video Vixens

    Take Note…

    Your voluptous body, pretty face and a$$ shaking will only get you so far but just a few videos… Before you know it there will be another “it” girl on the scene taking your “shine” (i.e., Rita G. from Kanye West’s Flashing Lights Video)…

    And she will probably have a bigger a$$, bigger tit-tays, flatter stomach, prettier face, sexier walk, better personality, better hair or a tighter weave and you will be forgotten…

    You broads better start taking some acting classes, get a good vocal coach, have some real talent or have a better business plan than selling your skid marked laden underwear on eBay (Rita G.) once you get any sort of limelight shining on you…

    Better yet, use that money you get to GET AN EDUCATION…

    But if that’s the career path you want to take, GOOD LUCK but just remember J.Lo got lucky and think about the careers of the video vixens before you and where are they now?

    Hold on, hold on… There is some hope – Lauren London is a good example of Video Vixen who made some good moves and kept her dignity and respect (to the best of my knowledge) and looks to be doing well…





  • Compton Cutie


    Hmm, at leaset she is trying to do “something” (granted, given this clip I’m not sure what), since “a** shaking” is not a career move!

  • Raysun

    I don’t care about all her acting. I hope she sucking some dick somewhere in this joint. I ‘ll pay for that, I support black film.

  • L

    what .. in … the … hell?

  • circa-81

    I swear those low budget movies suck, but to start an acting career it usually takes these type of “baby steps”. Can’t knock her for trying to step into a new venue. Hopefully it leads to bigger and better things for her. As far as her acting skills go I think they can get better over time with some practice, and if they don’t who cares…as long as she gets movie roles it really doesn’t matter look at Tom Cruise and Nick Cage for example. She has that signature D.C. girl attitude so I’ll route for her 100%. Anything is better than this office 9 to 5 bullsh!t.

  • Misty Knight&my friend Sandra Rose

    I didnt even have the stomach to watch this..all I had to read was that she was playing a French model and then I flatlined! LOL! I usually cant bear to see people embarrass themselves, thats why i never can watch the American Idol auditions as soon as they start I just change the channel

  • Misty Knight&my friend Sandra Rose

    @ Circa

    are you saying Tom Cruise and Nick Cage cant act?! dont they have Oscars? (at least Tom does) and please its hard enough for a credible black actor to get the same roles as them, let alone a former video vixen!

  • VoiceOfReason

    @ Keepin’ It Real

    JLo did not get lucky, she worked very very hard for what she got. Luck don’t get you movies, music, clothes line, perfume line and everything else she got. NOW…..I’m not saying she’s the most talented person out there……not in any of those categories actually, lol….but she certainly worked hard to get there. (‘Selina’ was the bomb! Ah bitty-bitty bomba! RIP Selina)

    Darn, now I forgot what I was gonna say about this silly movie. Oh yeah, why they got a maid and a driver in that tight little house?

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