Wasted Air: Slizzard Pilot Arrested After Found Slumped Over In Cockpit, Three Time Legal Limit

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Sunwing Pilot Arrested For Being Drunk Three Time Legal Limit Inside Cockpit


Imagine boarding a plane that was being controlled by a pilot who was Kanye-West-Hennessy-On-The-Red-Carpet drunk? That’s what passengers aboard a Sunwing aircraft had to endure before the pilot was placed in police custody.

According to DailyMail, Miroslav Gronych was arrested in Calgary, Alberta in Canada after his crew and co-pilot found him in the cockpit of his aircraft slumped over and reeking of alcohol.

Once in custody, the airport police sat him down and after two hours it’s reported that he STILL showed signs of “extreme impairment”.

Gronych was forced to give up his passport and has been banned from flying in Canada. The plane that he was attempting to fly was filled with 5 crew members and 99 passengers. 104 lives and this douchebag didn’t give a single f**k.

Says Staff Sergeant Paul Stacey:

‘It had all the potential for a disaster… but the likelihood of a pilot on a major airline like this actually being able to take off when they’re impaired like that is pretty slim because there’s a lot of checks and balances.’

Pilot d!ckhead has been officially charged with having care and control of an aircraft while being impaired. He’s also responsible for having care and control of an aircraft while over the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08.

Make sure this guy can’t even fly planes in video games. Please.

Image via Sunwing

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