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NYPD Captain Downplays Rape Increase Because They Weren’t “True Stranger Rapes”


According to a report in DNAInfo, one NYPD Captain isn’t really worried about the 62% increase in rapes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York.

In 2015 there were 5 reported rapes in the area, in 2016, that number jumped to 13, but it’s not that big a deal if you let Captain Peter Rose, head of the 94th Precinct, tell it:

“Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of theme were actually coworkers. It’s not a trend that we’re too worried about because out of 13 [sex attacks], only two were true stranger rapes.

Wait, say what now?

“They’re not total abomination rapes where strangers are being dragged off the streets,” Rose later said at a Community Council meeting Wednesday night.

“If there’s a true stranger rape, a random guy picks up a stranger off the street, those are the troubling ones. That person has, like, no moral standards.

The National Organization of Women’s Jane Manning is NOT here for it:

“The idea that ‘this isn’t some guy who’s dangerous to women,’ that in itself is a major window into the mentality that we are up against,” she said.

“If you have the commander of a precinct making comments like that, he’s setting a tone for all the officers of a unit about how seriously to take acquaintance rape cases.

“When I hear the phrase we didn’t have a cooperating victim, my antenna always goes up. If you hear ‘I can’t get the victim to cooperate’ in case after case, you should be asking yourself what are they failing to do?”

But “most cops are just trying to do the best job they can to protect citizens” though, right?


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