Military Veteran Fired For Missing Work To Attend Birth Of Baby Boy

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Military Veteran Fired For Missing Work To Attend Birth Of Baby

A military vet was fired last week after missing work to watch the birth of his baby boy reports The Concord Monitor. Lamar Austin, the former part-time security guard, was fired because he was expected to be on call 24/7 reports the news outlet.

Because New Hampshire is an “at-will” employment state, an employer may generally terminate an employment relationship for part-time or full-time workers at any time and for any reason, with a few exceptions. That means Austin has little in the way of legal protection, no matter how good an excuse the birth of a child may seem, legal experts said.

Sara Persechino, a mother of two in Hopkinton, doesn’t think that’s fair. Persechino was on the Hopkinton select board in 2014 when it unanimously voted in favor of paid family leave for town employees.

Thankfully, generous people have come together to get money and a new job for the veteran. Check out the GoFundMe below:


You can donate to the family by clicking HERE.

GoFundMe/Leah Willingham

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