WTF is This Mess?

- By Bossip Staff

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On the show America’s Best Dance Crew, they introduced a new flamboyant bunch. The crew is eccentric, but it just so happens they get chosen to do the African dance? Seriously, the hand gestures, makeup, get ups, and tranny with the Lou Rawls voice is enough…. just notice Mario Lopez laughing off the bat.

Get it together!

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  • honest

    1st! but we can’t deny it….they BRING IT!


    Whaaaaattt? Vogue Evolution is great!

  • LaLaLa

    They were good, can’t hate

  • hope4more

    Damn, I thought that was Beyonnce.


    Wait I didn’t see any African Dancing. Loving Mario’s reaction though. Not feel the tops but overall a good dance. Ole Naomi was moving in them heels. She betta work! Shane Sparks can so get the business!

  • FLuidist

    Damn! She pulled the oromo head twist in this dance.


    I think you may want to review on what is african dance.

  • Big B

    4 seasons on this show, and Shane Sparks can’t learn to speak English?? Damn!
    Vogue Evolution is dope.
    They are representing another area of our culture, and

  • SmoKEY

    they really put on a show

    no comment on their sexuality…good performance though


    @ Fluidist

    I danced African for 13 years… thank you. I wasn’t impressed! I have the right to that opinion. Yes they were had big movements and yes they were all over the stage, but I would have like to have seen more traditional movements in the Lamban or something like that. That is why I said what I said.

  • Back On My Swag

    Vogue Evolution is the sh*t! They bring it EVERY performance. I don’t agree with their lifestyles, but this is a dance competition and they are killing it!!

    Anyway, gay men dancers are not new in ANY way…remember LeRoy from Fame!! I love to see gay men dance…..SNAP for the KIDZ

  • ms jazz

    great dance

  • MsMecca

    Dont compare blacks to gays please…..ITS NOT THE SAME!!!

  • http://Bossip Bey looked just like MJ on ABDC

    The Dude Laomi looks just like Beyonce. Did anybody see Beyonce on the show looking just like Michael Jackson but n e way I like this group. They are one of the best groups this season.

  • DizzyGuy

    Its always makes me laugh that STRAIGHT GUYS get all nervous around gay guys. If your really straight you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable…haha.

  • http://Bossip taylor

    I don’t like the rest of the coochie poppers. On TV just shaking, rolling it, droping it, showing it, throwing it everywhere. Some of the women need to put some damn clothes on humping the ground in pantys. I’m tired of thats crap. The way some of them dress and move you would think the show comes on after 12. If you want Shane vote all you have to do is throw it in his face and pop your booty.damn shame

  • GG

    They all must be from Atlanta.

  • charlieblanko

    I think you are correct gg…smh

  • http://Bossip meagen

    They have a chance to win. In my opinion they need to be “professionaly Gay” to win over America. I know they love being gay but they need to do less talking, no neck rolling and lip smaking, take it down a notch. Sometimes that mess is agravating and hard to see and listen to.

  • HAuteVintage

    Your really homophobic!
    Must be gay yourself!

  • http://n/a Anonymous

    I will admit this was a great performance, but they need to de-gay themselves. I know this sounds ignorant and like I am intolerant of gays, but for real… It is not wassup to see men acting and dancing all feminine. Thas just not natural… ew

  • supermodel

    why mario lopez say “yall make me smile” i knew he was gay. just look at him.

  • man chedo

    You Americans are heading towards hell always promoting homosexuality and calling anyone who questions it gay- it is so wrong for black men to be so emasculated they have to behave like women hope you all burn

  • aeon

    this is the beginning of times not the end i love VE

  • man chedo

    gaydom = hell fire

  • http://Bossip sara

    Why only hate on Vogue Evolution. Damn near all the dudes on ABDC are gay. Soon as they open their mouth the gay shoot right out. Hell all the dudes on TV gay, I see plenty of cute guys on TV and soon as they speak i’m like damn. You can’t find too many real men now days everybody gay. I feel sorry for the young men coming up who will teach the boys to be men. In a minute we are going to have to take girls and boys to museums to show them real men and women.

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