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Virginia Waitress Left A Racist Note On White Couple’s Receipt

Man, these…Trump supporters are REAL bold.

A DailyMail story reveals that a black waitress in Virginia got a very hateful “tip” after serving a racist white couple.

In typical, cowardly, Trump supporter fashion, the couple told the waitress, identified only as “Kelly”, how much they enjoyed her service and how they would like her to serve them if they ever returned to the restaurant. Then, when it came time to secure the bag, Kelly came back to the racist note.

Says the restaurant manager to Fox32:

“It’s just appalling, disheartening, outrageous – all of the above,” said owner Tom Tellez. He says he hasn’t seen a racist instance of this type in his forty-two years with the family run restaurants.

Folks who do stuff like this are gonna catch the right one one of these days. Then they’ll get a chance to see exactly how great African-America really is


Image via NAACP



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