Amistad Already Hit That

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy’s been mixin’ it up on the sly:

“Cameron Diaz and P.Diddy have been going out on some secret dates lately. The two were spotted dining at Osteria Mozza restaurant on March 15. They arrived at the restaurant separately but left together through the back. Cameron was already seated when Diddy arrived wearing a brown Jump Suit and brought his own bottle of red wine wrapped in a ghetto Ralph’s plastic bag. It was obvious they were on a date as the couple giggled and flirted with each other during dinner.”

Yeah, that sounds like Diddy, plastic bag and all. Check out the thumbnails. Guess Diddy has a thing for the Nassatall too!

Amistad already hit that.

Diddy, who has been linked to actresses Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz, spit the following verse on the ‘We Fly High’ remix while he was with Kim Porter:

“Pick an actress, which one I ain’t swim in”

You thought he was lyin?


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  • Damn I Wish that Ass was on a White girl


  • Trusted Source

    DAMN 2ND!!!

  • MojoLuv

    I hate his teeth

  • whateva!

    first biatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and who cares Diddy is a hoe:)

  • MojoLuv

    Those little dolphin teeth.

    & that wandering eye.

  • Blaqk Ink...boycott the Bejing Olympics

    Sucks for Kim LMAO

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    So..At least his teeth are straight! He has some juicy lips, and MORE POWER TO YOU..Cam is hot, but has a bad skin problem! She needs Proactive!

  • Damn I Wish that Ass was on a White girl

    Cameron Diaz is the white version of “Kim”…small frame, small breasts and a “tired” in the face look…Only difference is Cameron has some talent and no kids, so upgrade!

  • Blaqk Ink...boycott the Bejing Olympics

    Sorry about that though. She is not one of the cutest “A-listers”…at least Kim can take pride in that. Diddy always been dipping and dabbeling. But you neva catch him with his men, though. HMMMM

  • and another one... RIP EAZY E

    Diddy is a gay ‘how u doin’ stank breath! He uses these females as a cover for his secret lurrrve for Neyo & Fiddy ‘salad tossing’ cent.

  • Blaqk Ink...boycott the Bejing Olympics

    @ DAmn….

    You must whack off in the corner by yourself every night, huh????

    You sound like you get no love from any race…get a doll NEXT!!

  • Misty Knight&my friend Sandra Rose

    Diddy’s swirl game is not on the DL-rememeber that whole Sierra Miller thing? and Uggh Cameron Diaz, she seems like a nice woman but shes not that easy on the eyes from her close-ups, Im surprised if this is true, I thought diddy liked his jump offs young

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Blaqk Ink…

    “Sucks for Kim”

    HUH?!?!? For all the stacks she’s counting (one million, 2 million, lick fingers, three million…) I don’t know if I’d say it sucks for her. LOL

  • Damn I Wish that Ass was on a White girl

    @Blaqk Ink…boycott the Bejing Olympics

    why the personal attacks?? If you disagree with my comments just say so

  • and another one... RIP EAZY E

    That is the gayest pic of Diddy ever, even worse than the shiny suit phase. Check the way his leg is cocked! @Misty Knight co-sign, you can share fashion tips and nail polish..

  • anchored mad at the hbo and the wire wack ending

    spank spank spank diddy is getting his charles barkley on of late.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Camron Diaz is a certified Hottie!!

  • anchored mad at the hbo and the wire wack ending

    just lake had sum he was in the marrying stages wasn’t he?

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Loving the white girls.

  • Dixon_Girl

    LOL! @ Misty Knight….

    (your funny….)

  • Dixon_Girl

    Are there alot of white women in Brooklyn?

    @Brooklyn stand up….

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Aww, it must be her infectious laugh that he’s attracted to…:-)

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Dixon_Girl…

    “Are there alot of white women in Brooklyn?”

    HUH?!?! Where you from Dixon Girl?

  • Blaqk Ink...boycott the Bejing Olympics

    @ Notorious One

    Millions. HA. Just saying he got all the free milk and neva… so in that case she remains a Babymomma always and foreva.


    I don’t like your comments but more so that screen name. It just begs for an attack

  • Blaqk Ink...boycott the Bejing Olympics

    @ notorious one

    Girlfriend is from the boonies aka south, LOL has to be not to know that

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