Spelman Alums’ Grassroots Effort Sparks “Thanks Obama” Event On Last Day Of His Presidency

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Thanks Obama Event Jan 19 Photo Credit Thanks Obama

“Thanks Obama” Will Celebrate POTUS’s Legacy With Art, Performances & Standing Ovation

Ordinary citizens are rallying to give America’s first black president a rousing sendoff.

A “Thanks Obama” celebration will be held Jan. 19 – the last official day in office for the 44th President – at the SW Arts Club in Washington, DC, and will feature an Obama-themed art installation, performances, guest speakers, and a standing ovation for the outgoing president.

The event is the brainchild of Spelman College alums Bejidé Davis and Amanda Washington Lockett, who started the idea by putting out a call on Facebook. To date, more than 170,000 people have voiced their support, and more than 45,000 people said they planned to attend.

“He completely turned around the country with style and grace, and I think we should be thankful for that,” Lockett said. “He’s a man who represents makes impossible possible. That symbolism for our children and adults is amazing.”

Thanks Obama Event Jan 19 Photo Credit Thanks Obama

The event will also feature a “clap out” where participants will give President Obama a rousing round of applause for the work he did on behalf of America and the world during his tenure in the White House.

“It’s a moment of appreciating,” Davis said. “Everyone will be just celebrating, clapping – just showing appreciation for him.”

“People are going to really miss him,” Lockett added. “They’re going to miss his charisma. He ran on a platform of hope and change and I think he delivered that.”

The women said the event would be the first time in recent memory and possibly ever that regular citizens had ever publicly lauded an outgoing president at a public event. Lockett said that the celebration was also about honoring his legacy, which she said some have already tried to taint.

“I don’t care of people don’t remember our names,” she said, “I want people to know that people did this for him. I think that there may be attempts to damage his legacy, and if we write the history ourselves, people can’t take that away from us.”

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