America citizens are terrified of death if Trump GOP repeals Obamacare

Hope We Don’t Die: Check Out The Heart-Breaking Repeal Reactions Of Terrified Obamacare Users

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American Citizens Are Terrified That ACA Repeal Will Mean Their Death

There have been a LOT of troubling things going on in politics this week as we approach the inauguration of Sunny Delight-in-Chief Trump on January 20th.

The most disturbing, the one that literally means the difference between life and death for MILLIONS, is the sneaky Republican vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare”.

While the Republicans play politics with the life blood of the America they want to “make great again”, many are scared s#!tless and others are effusive in their gratitude to President Obama for his overhaul of the tainted, greedy and immoral healthcare industry. (ryan)

Social justice has been a strong motivation for many of us to get involved in politics over the past several years. But it’s equally as important to participate in other policy matters that also affect the lives of our brothas and sistas. (info)

Flip the page a few times to read the testimony of Twitter users who may not be tweeting much if they die…

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