She’s a Bona Fide Baller

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Mary found her dream home while house hunting recently:

“Grammy winner Mary J. Blige plunked down $12.3 million in cash for a Saddle River, N.J., mansion, ‘She fell in love with this one,’ a source said of Blige, who checked out several houses in the swanky area before settling on the 18,250-square-foot dream pad.”

$12.3 million in cash?? Just is case you were wondering, we now know those pockets are beyond phat. Her stack game is definitely on point.


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  • Blind3rdEye

    Congrats on 1st

  • DaPrezident


    GET DAT CAKE MARY!!!!!!!

  • DaPrezident

    well… second… damn slow pc…

  • Southern Belle 225

    Damn Mary! Must be nice to just have 12.3 mill in cash handy!

  • AshleyB

    I love Mary! So happy for her

  • versace

    YYYYaaaaaaa!!! Good for u Mary!!!!

  • Bird

    Where can a sista fill out an application for head housekeeper. Chauffer. Gardener. Cook. Something.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Good for Mary! Congrats!

  • lily green

    Is it wrong for a rich and successful woman to have a sugar baby?? It is an absolutely extramarital relationship, but more and more services come out on Internet focusing on this kind of relationship, such as S u g a r m o m m a M e e t . c o m

  • dayg715

    CERTIFIED BALLER. mary is The Queen, period. keyshia who???

  • bree

    damn in CASH?!?! 12 MILLION????!

    & K-Ci is at the local AppleBee’s struggling to leave a tip on his $30 meal..damn!

  • HereIambaby

    Love her smile and her confidence. She always has a positive attitude and that is what makes her outstanding. Everytime I signed in the site and some men were talking her and said she is attractive

  • mr mr

    you gotta think, Mary been in the game since ’92…and has had consistent platinum with the success of the last few years comes Carol’s Daughter and Chevrolet…can’t beat that advertising $…


    she deserves it

  • SQ

    Good for her, I love Mary.

  • mr mr

    Thanks to the sagging housing market, the 37-year-old best-selling singer got a relative bargain.

    The house originally went on the market last year for $17 million and was reduced this year to $13.9 million, the source said.

    Blige, who has sold more than 40 million records, will have plenty of hip-hop stars, rappers, movie stars and pro athletes as neighbors.

    Rappers Ja Rule, Wyclef Jean and the Rev. Run of Run-DMC live nearby.

  • Lady Architect

    Congrats to Mary on her dream home.

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    Gotdayum I gotta get me one of them rich bit$$$$…

  • Jahpson

    definitely on point


    DDAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM! i wanna b in her family tree!!!

  • Grace

    DAMN BREE, U BEAT ME TO THE K-CI JOKE! My mother always told me the best revenge is success! Mary is just as hot as she was in 1992. She is doing something right. I was just listening to the Def Jam MTV unplugged cd. Most of the artist on that CD have not had a hit in over a decade.

  • intenzemocha

    Love mary to death! I am so genuinely happy for her in all her success professionally and financially, personal growth, and marriage.

    Mary has gone through so much and overcame so many obstacles that many black women face today-I’m glad that she is a positive role model for all women, moreso black women, that we too can overcome poverty, abuse, drugs etc. and find love and happiness in the long run!

    All Hail The Queen!!!!!!

  • Get it right...

    $12.3 million in cash!!??!! Day’um Mary do your thang!!

  • White_Chick

    Go ‘head Mary!!!! Thats whats up!!!!!!!! And thats a goregous picture!!!!!!!!

  • HCR's # 1 Fan

    That’s major!! Good for you MJB!!!

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