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The Audacity Of Orange: Donald Trump Tweets Badly About John Lewis

This has gotten out of control… If you saw the film “Selma” you probably will remember watching a young John Lewis on the screen, living out his legacy as a Civil Rights leader who walked beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lewis, as pointed out by Goldie Taylor of The Daily Beast, “was president of the Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee (SNCC) and is the youngest and only living member of “The Big Six.”

Lewis was one of the original 13 Freedom Riders, young people who risked their lives to challenge racial segregation in the South. He was arrested 45 times, beaten and bloodied in the name of human rights.

Lewis became a congressman who represents Georgia’s 5th Congressional District… But Friday he told Meet the Press” he will miss his first Presidential inauguration in 30 years in Congress because he doesn’t feel that Donald Trump is a legitimate President.

Of course Lewis’ comments didn’t sit well with Trump who struck out (where else?) on Twitter.

Hours later Trump added to his rant:

If we thought he was an idiot before our opinion is now even lower. Lewis is a national hero who was beaten bloody for our freedoms. He sacrificed a lot in the name of progress, facing arrest some 45 times.

Don’t be misled by Trump’s tweets. While crime and poverty rates are above the national average, the area is neither “crime infested” nor falling apart. It’s actually thriving — home to the upscale Buckhead neighborhood, several Fortune 500 companies — including Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines — as well as Emory University, Georgia Tech, Spelman, Morehouse and Atlanta’s airport.

And as for Trump’s assertion that Lewis is all talk and no action is PURE HOGWASH…

Also via Daily Beast:

In 1994, when the country was caught up in hysteria and pushed a crime bill that later destroyed whole communities, John Lewis was one of only eleven black members of the House to stand against it.

One of the “results” of Lewis’ activism was the Fair Housing Act, the very legislation under which the Justice Department sued Donald Trump and his father.

SMH — can it get any realer than that?

There has been a huge wave of outrage on social media over Trump’s latest attack but we thought the tweet above said it all.

Lewis has fought for what he believes is right his entire career, why should he be expected to stop because Trump was elected.

In the meantime the NY Daily News is reporting that Trump has canceled an MLK day visit to Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture over scheduling issues.

You may recall President Obama urged Trump to visit the museum after he said during the presidential campaign that there has “never been a worse time to be a black person” in America…

Clearly Trump needs to brush up on his American history.





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