Gucci Mane Gets a Second Chance and is in REHAB

- By Bossip Staff

One of our Bossip insiders have confirmed that Gucci Mane is in rehab. We broke it to ya’ll about a month ago that Gucci violated his probation by not passing a urine test and was facing jail time. Well, his lawyers worked it out with the judge so that Gucci could go to rehab to fix his drug problem instead of prison for two years. He is in a rehab center in Georgia and is allowed to go to the studio and also can be present for shows on the weekend but all of this comes with a curfew. Gucci Mane should definitely feel lucky because things don’t normally go down this way, that a** normally would’ve just went to straight to jail. Lets see how long he’s able to stay out of trouble once he is released.

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    ha ha ha …I dont like Gucci Gucci Gucci

  • ImmaBayBaby

    YAY 4 GUCCI;Everyone deserves a second chance!


    that’s the best thing they gave to him cause jail wouldn’t really help anyone who has a drug problem cause there’s many guys in jail who is still getting their drug on in there



  • D@@

    Gucci’s the shit…thats final

  • Crank That


  • Da Hook

    He look high in the pic SMH

  • anita

    Lawyers…worked it out….yeah

  • anita

    Gucci is a hype, when he came to Raleigh, NC I was SOOO disappointed. He was higher than anyone in the club. Sounding all chopped and screwed…I’m a dog. I’m a dog. I’m a doooog.


    and i say again….. I LOVE HIS IGNORANT ASS!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Reed

    I LUV Gucci mane….with his lil flair! LOL… Loves Gucci!!

  • Alrighty Then...

    Still the UGLIEST MAN IN THE WORLD! *shudders*

    They should lock him up just for that…

  • iopsycho

    He spelled icey (icy) wrong on his tat. Stay in school people.

  • C Allen

    Gucci mane is a dumb name…..put that in your next rap

  • noelle

    fOR WEED? IN ONE SONG , he did say he smoked 8 blunts. Guess what? I smoked almosta whole blunt in NY,plus Jamelle, my coucin, mad eme smoke or take a puff of diesel? Sour diesel? I cannot remember

  • sixfoota

    why come gucci always got white sh*t in the corners of his mouth ?


    YEEAAAHHH, A A A OK. what is he going to talk about now once he get out of rehab. No more BRICKS, off white bricks 1/4 key 1/2 a key OK

  • bossipchic09

    rehab? highly doubt he has a drug porblem.dude just smokes weed and forget to clean up his system before the test.but glad he got a lil second chance on it.

  • QUNNA2

    Gucci is the icey boy glad to hear that he’s not dead and glad to hear he changing the pages in his life because life to me is like a book it has a strat and end.CONGTRATS GUCCI

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