New BKOTB: FOREVER ANTi-PoP “Finessin’ The Rhythm” ft. David Sabastian [VIDEO]

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New Artist Fires Shots On New Song “Kylie Jenner”

Looks a little like Sisqo but sounds pretty unique, wouldn’t you say?

Please meet FOREVER ANTi PoP, whose new EP is out now on all digital platforms. His bio describes him as “an artist whose creative vision propels him down a different path.”:

“I’m obsessed with the word forever because it means commitment. The second part of my name challenges the idea that only certain people can make and enjoy pop music,” he explains. “I want to change that. The goal is to introduce people to my music and message, for them to learn and experience. I write songs that people can grab substance from.”

Born Tony Macklin, FOREVER ANTi PoP was raised by a single mother in a small town in Tallahassee, FL along with his two younger siblings. Money was tight but their home was rich with love. By the age of 10, the budding young virtuoso moved to Atlanta to live with his grandmother, who introduced him to the sounds of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. As his musical tastes evolved to include Young Jeezy and Kanye West, as well as hometown heroes like Plies and T-Pain, FOREVER ANTi PoP began writing and producing music of his own that toes the line between hip-hop and soul.

Sidestepping the traditional subject matter of his peers — trapping, clubbing and balling — the 21-year-old delves into the true emotions and experiences of a young man just trying to figure out life on his self-produced Interscope Records debut, FINESSIN THE RHYTHM. The EP is spearheaded by the seductive lead single “Fall Through,” which features fellow ANTI Society collective member David Sabastian. The five song EP oozes with honest introspection and unbridled passion that sets the foundation for an instant classic.

FOREVER ANTi PoP’s sonic sweet spot centers on his interactions with the opposite sex — both good and bad. “Kylie Jenner” is a social commentary on the lengths some young women will go to try to be like the popular reality TV star, while “Ain’t Gotta Say Much” tells the complicated story of a woman in a relationship with a man who doesn’t appreciate her.

“The song is about a womanizer,” explains FOREVER ANTi PoP, who now calls Los Angeles home. “My mom always went for that type so I always knew I didn’t wanna be that way because that’s what my dad was like. I wrote the first half of the song from the perspective of a guy trying to talk to my girlfriend, but the third verse gives context to my behavior. The whole song is like a therapy session I’m having with myself in front of the world.”

Fans will be immediately drawn to FOREVER ANTi PoP’s sincerity and passion, but the project isn’t all heartbreak and reconciliations as the young, up-and-comer also skillfully explores the perks of fame on “Surfin,’” and the sacrifices that come along with it on “Finessin’ the Rhythm,” featuring David Sabastian.

Blessed with a level of depth and perspective beyond his years, FOREVER ANTi PoP is well on his way to becoming one of the industry’s most important artists. “My music has hints of the past but sounds like the future,” he says. “Five years from now, I just hope to be considered a voice for my generation.”

The title track is cool, but after learning about the song’s meaning, we listened to the EP and we love the Kylie Jenner song. You can follow FOREVER ANTi-PoP and David Sabastian on social media @foreverantipop and @davidsabastian.

1. Kylie Jenner
2. Fall Through FEAT. David Sabastian
3. Ain’t Gotta Say Much
4. Surfin’
5. Finessin’ The Rhythm FEAT. David Sabastian
6. Thinkin’ About You

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Photo Credit: Nikko Lamere, courtesy of Interscope Records.

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