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Lee Daniels Says His Father Put Him In A Trashcan For Wearing Heels

Director Lee Daniels says his own father put him in a trashcan for wearing his mother’s shoes like the infamous ‘Empire’ scene with Jamal Lyons reports CBS News. Lee was asked where he drew the emotional dialogue from and said this…

An even earlier formative experience in Daniels’ life helped inspire his hit series “Empire.” Rocca asked, “Is it exactly what happened, that your father took you when you came down wearing your mother’s high heels and put you in a trashcan?”


Daniels says his father was reacting to certain parts of his personality and homosexuality:

“Do you think your father was just reacting to effeminacy? Or do you think your father was reacting to, ‘Uh-oh, I know what this means for him later on’?”

“Both,” Daniels replied. “Because I think that he as a man was embarrassed to have a gay [son]. I had no questions, I had no problems rather, letting him know, ‘This is how I felt’ at an early age. I was very outspoken. I owned who it was that I was.”

This is the scene in case you missed it:

Lee now prides himself on being a wonderful father to his own children:




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